Antique Hand Pump Well, Start to Finish, at our Remote Off Grid Property

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Today we rebuild an antique hand operated Well Pump, take it out to our remote OFF GRID property and drive a Sand Point well by hand. Nothing is more important to an off grid homestead than water. In this video you'll see everything you need to know to do this job yourself.
Dave Whipple

joeblackman100 4 aylar önce
Brilliant video it’s inspired me to do this on my own property here in the uk
NayBoy91 2 aylar önce
Lmfao xD
Matt Williams
Matt Williams 8 aylar önce
This video is, hands down, the coolest thing I've ever seen on TRpost. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin and am familiar with private wells for home, and even used one of these pump wells every now and again, but I never knew what went into getting the water up from underground. Thank you very much for putting this together.
NayBoy91 2 aylar önce
I’ve seen cooler
Snow Dog
Snow Dog 8 aylar önce
Vids like this are the greatest benefit to a digital age. I honestly don't know how I would learn anything useful without videos like this. Thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort to make an instructional video like this!
ernest arther
ernest arther 3 aylar önce
we r learning but its hard to get the machines in africa yet we need clean water
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather 8 aylar önce
do a thumbs up.
Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth 8 aylar önce
If you're in an area where the water is too deep for a hand drawn well there's a great workaround. Set up a vertical axis wind turbine to draw the water up into a storage reservoir. Have your reservoir buried just below the frost line. Be sure to have some kind of disengage connected to a float so you only fill to the full mark. The wind will draw your water nearly up to the surface where it can then be hand pumped easily and yet not get frozen. ..
Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth 21 gün önce
@User 2C47 You'd be surprised what 1920's technology can accomplish. For instance if you have magnification of the sunlight it can boil water. It can also be redirected to concentrate the light on a focal point the boil a LOT of water. Lots of things can be done with 1920's technology.
User 2C47
User 2C47 21 gün önce
Also, if you have no wind, solar is also an option, but unfortunately can't be created using 1920s technology.
Zachary Atoui
Zachary Atoui Yıl önce
Watching you refurbish the well from an antique to a usable piece of equipment was not only satisfying, but it also shows that you can reuse things and save some money. Thanks Dave👍🏼
John Ganshow
John Ganshow 8 aylar önce
@Bushradical Probably wouldn't work here in Arizona, the well we have is 700 feet deep...
Fred Ramos
Fred Ramos Yıl önce
@Doreen Miller Me too,..Regards!
Doreen Miller
Doreen Miller Yıl önce
When things were built to last. Now a day, we live in a disposable world. Hate it.
Sir Smoke a lot
Sir Smoke a lot 3 aylar önce
Been living here off grid for almost 2 years and I have all the stuff for my point thanks to watching this channel for a long time. I gotta say I’m nervous but I’m doing my studying for this to happen next week and I’m glad I did because I forgot about the cleaning step. Much love. You guys are awesome me and my wife have been inspired from you two.
Little Red Hen🐣  (A.K.A.  Cathy Lentz )
Little Red Hen🐣 (A.K.A. Cathy Lentz ) 10 aylar önce
From 1974 to the spring of 1979 my parents, my younger brother and I lived up on a very tall mountain called Beechy Ridge in Clay County, West Virginia. We had a well behind our home with a cast iron hand pump just like the one your video. During the blizzard of the winter of Jan. 1978, I was thirteen years old and we had 12 to 20 ft snowdrifts in our yard from the Storm. We had to dig out from around home and our well and use newspapers to create a fire around the cast iron pump to thaw out the water line that went down into the well before we could pump water out of it. You see, we did not have running water inside of the house at that time and that was our only source of water for our family. Those old cast iron pumps could take a beating for sure. When I saw you in the thumbnail with this pump it brought back so many memories fore about that time. I'd love to go back and live there again. The water from our well tasted so sweet. 🥰😊 Thank you for bringing back some good memories for me! 💖🧓
Douglas Zimmerman
Douglas Zimmerman 22 gün önce
Really awesome video & knowledge! I restore tools quite a lot over the years & it was so great to see someone else do this , especially when the electric motor & wire wheel & grinder set up was pretty much identical as my own! Really loved watching you work it all out , very high marks on your way of explaining everything! Thank you very much for sharing your skills !
Roger Huber
Roger Huber 8 aylar önce
That was an amazing video! I never knew it could be that simple to rebuild a pump and drill a well. Thanks for all your great videos and knowledge.
Steve Dykstra
Steve Dykstra 8 aylar önce
A fabulous project that demonstrates "can do" attitude, resiliency, and practicality. Satisfying work with practical and tangible results. Thanks for a thorough demonstration of not only the refurbishing but good old fashioned work ethic. Excellent video.
James Brubaker
James Brubaker 10 aylar önce
I didn’t read through all 2k+ comments, but my dad and I did put in a number of wells. The very important item that you didn’t mention was how far to keep the well from septic drain fields or outhouses. It varies from state to state based on the porosity of the soil but 100 ft is standard.
dross24MA 2 aylar önce
...and that 100 feet is *uphill* of the septic field(s) for people not in the know that "stuff" flows downhill...:LOL
Bonita Harrison
Bonita Harrison 10 aylar önce
I love watching someone take an item apart and put it back together again. As someone who doesn't have a clue how anything works, to me it's an awesome gift.
Cora Stanley
Cora Stanley 9 aylar önce
What a great project refurbishing the old hand pump. I loved it! Thank you for this most useful information. I am looking forward to owning an off grid homestead in the future. Great videos filled with useful information, much appreciated. :-)
This was amazing to watch! Thank you for sharing. This project has been on my list to do. I have two locations where I want to install a hand pump well. Blessings to you guys!
Cory Paul
Cory Paul 10 aylar önce
This was awsome congrats Dave 👏 you the man. I started watching your channel a few weeks ago instantly my favorite to watch its my dream to live off grid an build a cabin. Thank u for all the great advice keepem coming .
Mr Static101
Mr Static101 8 aylar önce
Thanks for this video man. This brought back memories of me and my grandfather messing with the well in my backyard. Rebuilding the leathers and then priming and getting water out again. He taught me so much and I miss him terribly. Thanks for the good memory I forgot about.
This video takes me back to my pre-teen days. I was constantly "building, or repairing" things. I must say that I am absolutely impressed. I love the bench you placed the pump parts on, after painting.
dross24MA 2 aylar önce
@AfricanFlightStar Shineeeee...hahahahaha!!!!
AfricanFlightStar 8 aylar önce
You noticed that bench too huh? 😁 I was cringing, cause I knew that old wagon was crying’ 😆
INANNA Shu Yıl önce
People never realize how important water is until you have to work to get it. Amazing job on refurbishing the pump and bring the water up. So happy for you.
ابو ثاير
ابو ثاير 7 aylar önce
انتي ساعده كلام حلوه
James B Wonka
James B Wonka 8 aylar önce
Work to get it? I have money, I can pay for it. Isn't that what most people do anyhow? There are drills and services you can hire to do this easier.
Kyle McCourt
Kyle McCourt 10 aylar önce
So true! I love bringing friends from the city to my remote cabin. They say... as long as it has running water. I don't tell them that It has running water, but only from an RV pump that draws from a drum that is supplied by a pitcher pump. It is great to see the look on their faces when they see that they have to pump the water for their own shower or to flush the toilet. 😂
Mr. Jimmy
Mr. Jimmy 8 aylar önce
I really like these very informative, well-crafted videos. The only thing is, I considered myself fairly handy around my own house, but after I watch these, dang I feel so inadequate! Thank you so much for posting and keep up the good work!
eatsnopaste 8 aylar önce
I admire the way you repaired something useless back into a usable piece of equipment. I am also amazed that you did all that on the hood of your car! Is sanding and repainting your car the next video?
J Wilcox
J Wilcox 8 aylar önce
Hi Dave & Brook; Nice to see you both. I love learning and knowing if water doesn't flow we can make it flow on our own. 😄I so love your smarts. Pass it on. Do you always get away with working with heavy metal on the hood of your car?
Jordan Knoll
Jordan Knoll 8 aylar önce
This was super cool to learn, watched the other video as well. Thank you so much for doing this, it sure is nice to learn how this really works.
Jenny Spagnolo
Jenny Spagnolo Yıl önce
Wonderful, you remind me of my Dad who loved repairing old things. He used to make his own leather seals for plumbing and made his own metal lathe so he could create his own turning tools for wood turning which was his passion. He made his own walnut stain from our walnut tree, ahh brought a tear to my eye, Dad passed 2 years ago at 93 and your videos remind me so much of him. Love to you and Brooke from Melbourne Australia 🙏🏻❤️
Ordinary Pete
Ordinary Pete 8 aylar önce
Lovely of you to share that story with us, Ty. I hope all is well there.
GOD VS evolutionmyth GOD VS evolutionmyth
GOD VS evolutionmyth GOD VS evolutionmyth 10 aylar önce
@Bushradical Very resourceful great job
Sandra Bulluck
Sandra Bulluck Yıl önce
Amen Jenny! Thank you for sharing those wonderful memories and knowledge of your dad with us! That was inspiring! Many blessings to you and your family! So sorry for your loss! May he be at peace with God... 🙏🏻❤️
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Jenny.
Alex Boschmans
Alex Boschmans 8 aylar önce
Soothing video. Living in a small overcrowded country, where there are even laws against doing this on your property, I'm still learning stuff by watching you work. You never know when it might be useful.
Bill S
Bill S 2 aylar önce
Good work! I like the tri-pod and weight drop system. Here is a suggestion for the next time: tie two loops in the rope as hand holds. It will make things a little bit easier.
Les Acadiens - Natacha & Vincent
Les Acadiens - Natacha & Vincent 6 aylar önce
Thank you for the great video. I've heard of wells drilled by hand, but never heard of or seen this type of well. Just wondering, will it remain outside or do you have plans to build a house/cabin over the well? Vincent
Rig pig
Rig pig 6 aylar önce
As a water, gas & oil driller myself, I find this absolutely brilliant!!!
alan Yıl önce
Your narration is on point. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with us. If I ever drive a well, I will definitely be cleaning the pipes and avoiding the last 2 threads.
robert lee
robert lee 3 aylar önce
Love watching you guys ! My wife and I watched you two on Alone and you’ve shown you guys know your stuff ! Now I enjoy learning more from you on your you tube videos! Thank you !
Wink Finkerstien
Wink Finkerstien 8 aylar önce
David, I just wanted to add that you and Brooke are each a powerhouse in your own standing. Together, you are more than a National Treasure.
R Schmidt
R Schmidt 6 aylar önce
I never knew how much I needed to hand drive an antique well pipe until I watched this video. Pretty amazing.
susansewardfamily 8 aylar önce
Absolutely amazing, as always! Enjoyed it so much!
SuperGooser1 Yıl önce
The wife and I just put in our well in northwest Michigan yesterday. Used all your advice, and now have an 18ft deep well on our 10 acres. Thanks for the excellent videos !!!
Shadbush 8 aylar önce
thats beautiful!
Tim D
Tim D 8 aylar önce
Love you guys! I'm curious how this performs in the winter. Do you have to insulate it at all?
Julie A
Julie A 8 aylar önce
Great job guy's! I had some property and our well was 25ft down. The BEST water I've ever this video!
SuperSkunkyGrow 8 aylar önce
love your videos man! very informative and interesting! Would love to have a little off grid cabin i built with my own two hands and simple tools
Death ToTruthers
Death ToTruthers 8 aylar önce
Third video of this guy's I watched and subscribed. This guy is amazing. His video production is incredibly well done, and I'm sure it takes no shortage of effort. This guy does everything he does the old fashion way. AndI love it.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 8 aylar önce
Great video :) Have you thought of putting spring washers with the bolts so they don't come loose after a time when you use the pump? Just a thought mate, all the way from Australia :)
elTorpedo 8 aylar önce
Amazing video. You definitely made it look easy - I know there was a lot of luck with you. Question though - no need to have the water tested before drinking it?
J Mar
J Mar 8 aylar önce
I loved watching every minute of this. You two are so fabulous in everything that you attempt to do. Miss seeing "the wolf". I have watched a few of your videos drilling for water. You definitely have mastered this concept now. Awesome.
Bushradical 8 aylar önce
Glad you enjoyed it!
WDTA UT 9 aylar önce
Your videos on hand-pump wells, what equipment and how to do it, are the best I have found. Thank you.
Emiliano Ojeda
Emiliano Ojeda 5 aylar önce
Amazing video... Always wanted to see how this worked and how hard it would be to install one. Thank you!
Scott Hines
Scott Hines 8 aylar önce
What a great instructional video. I heard your explanation about why you thought the water table was where it was on your property. I don't have any natural ponds near my property, just some runoff cattle ponds. Is there another way to determine how deep the water table may be?
Martin Grauman
Martin Grauman 7 aylar önce
That's so awesome. I remember my Grandmothers Farm In custer Michigan on Hansen Road in mason county and the well pump was exactly like it at one time. It also had a windmill above it at one time that I use to climb. I use to hand pump water up out of it. Then they installed a electric pump to water to the house. Thanks for the memories and skill to rebuild a old hand pump. You's guys are cool! Marty down in Byron Ga.
sharplikecheddar2 8 aylar önce
It’s my dream to dig my own well on my own property. This was honestly one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. This made my day!
Charles DeVier
Charles DeVier 8 aylar önce
I would love to have a well on my 25 acres, but the water is 400 feet down.
turd ferguson
turd ferguson 3 aylar önce
You are right, my projects never workout this good on the first try. It's nice to see one go this way.
irishgrl 8 aylar önce
This is fascinating! One thing, did you do any preliminary dousing to find the most likely place to sink your well?
Jordan Watson
Jordan Watson 7 aylar önce
found this guy building a cabin earlier, now i'm watching him build a well. Im so eager to have these skills now. Well done videos keep up the great content.
Mr. Henry
Mr. Henry 7 aylar önce
I really like how you do things so simply and effectively. It's very efficient.
Ellen Dempster
Ellen Dempster Yıl önce
My Dad, some 40+ yrs ago, took a 1.5” auger-secured an appropriate handle on to it and worked it down about 14 feet in our backyard. He got beautiful freshwater 💦. At the time we were under strict water restrictions. Dad had the best 👍 veggie garden around and we could swim all we liked ❤️ in our small (even for those days) 10ft diameter 3ft deep pool. We didn't care. My Father had about the same pressure as town water and he maintained he could pump, at that rate, all day. All for a small auger (from a brace-and-bit system). He could divine water accurately. Got to go but good luck with ALL your Off-Grid ventures. Ellen Queensland, Australia.
tuforu4 Yıl önce
L. J. Bush
L. J. Bush 10 aylar önce
I never have seen a well done like that, all I've ever seen is drilled wells, Tiger Creek Farm Drilled one by hand with a post hole auger, I don't remember how deep it was but he put out a whole lot more work than pounding pipe in the ground like you did,I'm glad you got the water you wanted, that's great.
Zephod Beeblebrox
Zephod Beeblebrox 8 aylar önce
That tripod was an excellent idea. The DIY well hammer was pretty nifty too. I would love to drill my own well like that but don't have land... yet.
Mike 6 aylar önce
Great vid. Just some tips. 1. If you wait until after wet weather to bore it makes it vastly easier. 2. You can use additional pulleys to reduce to felt weight (the force needed to lift it) of the "hammer", you were using just a single pulley (a single pulley setup is known as a "single whip"), by adding just 1 more pulley you could have halved the force you would have needed to lift the weight of the hammer (this pulley setup is known as a gun tackle). Or if you'd used 2 x double wheel pulleys (known as "twofold purchase") you could have reduced the force needed to lift the weight by 3/4, making it much easier (or giving the ability to use a much heavier weight to increase the boring speed).
botz A
botz A 7 aylar önce
Your simplicity is amazing you should have your own network show! I Appreciate how you go step-by-step with everything!
woodsinme Yıl önce
Nice Dave. Fans of both of you. So my father and his wife had a well drilled in willow AK and installed a 3 stage reverse osmosis setup. Having cleaned the first stage cannisters and changing the filter there was an oily residue.
Dan Laura Savage
Dan Laura Savage 7 aylar önce
Hi Dave! My wife and I started watching your channel and your wife’s channel! Good stuff! My wife and I bought some land on a small mountain in Oklahoma. Seems to be rocky soil. Not sure if I can do a well. May try to harvest rain water. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Randy Stober
Randy Stober 4 aylar önce
As always great videos. I just purchased all the parts to complete my own shallow well based on your videos. One question, do you thing a 19lb t-post driver would work to drive the pipe vs a sledgehammer? My soil is more sandy then red hard clay
Joeybunker'slgl15g Bunker
Joeybunker'slgl15g Bunker 8 aylar önce
Oh yeah I did not know you could make your own well so simple and cost effective in this over inflated times .I found so much knowledge in what you have taught me and My family that's me my three children and 9 they can show someone this very vital information thanks.
Jolox 8 aylar önce
Thanks for the very informative video! I'm looking to put in a well in our cabin and this is very helpful! I'm going to thumbs up and subscribe to help your channel! If you don't have that custom hammer you used, is it best to just sledge hammer it? Is there any strategy if you hit rocks?
hugh fryer
hugh fryer Yıl önce
It’s great to compare this well with the previous wells. You definitely made many improvements. I’ll be sinking one on my Vermont property and now I have a better method of sinking it. Thanks Dave!
Fixitall Paul
Fixitall Paul Yıl önce
Greetings from NH
Bushradical Yıl önce
you're welcome
Sandra Bulluck
Sandra Bulluck Yıl önce
Amen to that!
St. Michael the Archangel
St. Michael the Archangel 8 aylar önce
This is SO cool! I would love to try this at some point in my life. :0
OBDM VIDEOS 10 aylar önce
I love your videos. If I started a well, and it's starting to go at an angle, say 10 degrees, will that impact the well? Or should I redig?
DAVID TIRA 6 aylar önce
Hi guy's, great video! My question is, what do you plan on doing in the winter? The water will freeze in the pipe above the frost line depth. The farther north you go, the deeper the frost line is, it could be from 3 to 6 feet depending on how far north you are.
hamood 2 aylar önce
man I wished my mom can help like your mom does. seems like a fun family activity we can all do and even you showed how easy it is! Great video.
Shannon Sookochoff
Shannon Sookochoff Yıl önce
Hey Dave! Loved this video. I’m educating myself on the subject of pumps today, with a mind to creating a manual system to get gray water from a tank under a tiny home to various parts of my garden. The pump you have here would help me get water to buckets which I could carry, but I’m hoping to connect a hose to the tank and have a portable hand pump (maybe on a tripod to secure the pump at the location of the job). Or, a manual pump with a hose intake and hose outflow such that I can leave the outlet hose at the spot in the garden where I need water. Can you recommend a pump or system that might work for me? I don’t mind restoring something old. That’s pretty exciting actually.
arjovenzia 7 aylar önce
Hope your project is coming along, youve probably encountered this, but thought worth saying. pumps generally are pretty poor at suction, there is a limit (thanks physics) on how much you can 'suck' on a pipe. but you can 'push' into a pipe far easier. for shallow wells, its very convenient to have the pump at the top, but where im from, wells are generally very deep, and so the pump mechanism is at the bottom with a push-pull rod running all the way down the pipe. the standard configuration is a windmill driving the push rod, pumping water up to a header tank above ground, to water cattle troughs. not terribly efficient, but being wind powered runs slowly but surely. what this means for you, having the pump at the end of the hose into your grey water is possibly a bad idea. get your pump as close to your water as possible, and then have a hose coming of that to run out to your garden. what I would do, is a small submersible pump down in your grey water, running off solar, feeding a header tank put up quite high. this tank need not be to large, enough for a watering session. I'd go for a 44 gallon barrel, as I can get plastic ones essentially for free. the sump pump works all day to feed a trickle of water into your tank, which you can then gravity feed from, to hose around your garden in the eavning. a off the shelf solar pump is only a few hundred bucks, new. an old wind pump can be got from farm clearing sales pretty cheap if thats what you want. i have seen hand cranked versions if you want the manual aspect. I like the concept of a slow feed up to a header tank you can draw from. even low volume wells can be made very useful. grey water, makes things a bit easier, but again, it is much better to have your pump close to the water and a long outflow. a long intake and the pump at point of use is a pretty bad way of doing things. But its your system, whatever works for you. not stupid if it works. for context, ive a clogged well on my property and am trying to figure out the best way to restore and use it. it used to run the irrigation on the property, but has run dry. i hope by only sipping at the water table, i can get a regular amount of daily water for my garden.
ابو ثاير
ابو ثاير 7 aylar önce
حلوه متل قمر
chas766 7 aylar önce
That was amazingly cool. Very self reliant and with those tiny cabins you can be your own airbnb resort.
Gunbirdo 6 aylar önce
This was brilliant. So interesting and well done. And so wholesome! New subscriber here!
navytroll 8 aylar önce
Love your video, just wondering what you would do to winterize a well like that?
McWhite James
McWhite James 3 aylar önce
Thanks for the videos. I put my well in yesterday following your direction. I placed a concrete pad around the pipe, and watching a similar video, I built a wood frame, to pour concrete up about 2 feet above the ground. Once it dries I remove the wood frame and should have a very nice looking well. Reason I built this well is because of the possible nuclear war with Russia. One high level detonated neck above America, will generate an EMP electric pulse that will take down the entire electric grid in North America. Estimates are it will take more than two years to re-establish the grid. Can you imagine 2 years without power, and thus city water? Hope I don’t need it, but it is nice to know I will have access to clean non-radioactive water, if I need it.
Donald Eugene Alford
Donald Eugene Alford Yıl önce
Great job on fixing up an old pump and making it work again. The tripod was a great idea I watched u do the last well,seems u have definitely improved your method. Magnificent job Dave and Brooke.
Jeff Talasek
Jeff Talasek 2 aylar önce
This is a great video and just the info I was looking for. My only question is, how do you know if the water is safe to drink? I live in the Texas Gulf Coast and our shallow water well is just good enough for the cows. All the human drinkable water is over 100 feet deep. Did you get your water checked for organisms?
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor 11 aylar önce
You got me inspired to finally stop procrastinating and start saving for my own land. Thank you for that!
HighlanderGaming 4 aylar önce
this was amazing to watch and learn! i can't wait to give it a try
Larry Sanxter
Larry Sanxter 9 aylar önce
Hi Brooke and Dave, I have been enjoying this video for awhile. If I was 30 years younger I would offer my labor to help you wonderful folks. Loved the pump restoration and well drilling. My grandad had a well driller sink a 90' well at our rural Ind home in the 50's. Sweet water for 60 years. Nothing better than simple shallow well water. BTW, I just started my first sourdough starter yesterday. I plan on sourdough biscuits for us and my 96 year old mom on Thanksgiving in two weeks. Thank you wonderful folks. God's peace, Larry
Bushradical 9 aylar önce
Thanks. Let us know how they turn out
Cindy Higley
Cindy Higley Yıl önce
Ever since I found you guys I can't stop watching you, I recently pounded out my own well out back with a hand pump and I am so happy and greatful for you input that inspired me to try this. I would love to send you my video.
Acrylic Art Alchemy
Acrylic Art Alchemy Aylar önce
Congratulations!!! I loved watching you strick water. I can't wait to get back to my property and try this. I know a neighbour struck spring wster on his property and im about 1000 metres from his well. So fingers crossed i can get a pump and strick water on my little patch
Riyaz Ali Khan Mayana
Riyaz Ali Khan Mayana 2 aylar önce
2:18 - 2:55 Wow That is what exactly I thought and feel. I always love to take old things and make it to work. It is really a satisfaction in its own. Who else has these same feel?
Brad Hendricks
Brad Hendricks 7 aylar önce
Great video! But one question: What if there was a large boulder directly underneath your driving point? Start over 10 feet away? Or does the driver bit go through it? Thanks for posting!
Bushradical 7 aylar önce
you start over
Neil Loughlin
Neil Loughlin 8 aylar önce
The world needs more people like you two!
Roberto Gomez
Roberto Gomez Yıl önce
I love the work you did on this video, Dave. Congrats on your hard work, know-how, and working well system. 👍
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