Day at a Simple Off Grid Cabin.....anyone can build & afford

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We're going to spend today at the Simple Off Grid Cabin we built last fall. Winter is almost over an the snow is melting. What better thing to do than to spend a day hanging out at our tiny off grid cabin. Let split some wood, cook some breakfast, and enjoy life

D.T. O'Lalee
D.T. O'Lalee 8 aylar önce
I’ve struggled with depression for years. My anxiety boils over almost everyday. I try to change what causes it, but it seems to be engrained into me now. I feel like I get better everyday. Channel’s like this go a long way to soothe me. It means more than I can say. Thank you.
Paul Danielczyk
Paul Danielczyk 4 aylar önce
D.T. I know what you mean. Although I don't suffer from depression I am 74 years young, 2 artificial hips, arthritis in my hands and other so called handicaps I still have my way to cope. I believe in the Lord and I have one fantastic wife that supports me in everything I do (married 47 years). Just believe in yourself and the things of the outer environment will not close in around you. Dave and Brook are fantastic roll models to follow. No matter what age you are or whatever physical or mental position you may think you are in. Please have and cherish that, "I can do attitude", and you can accomplish just about anything that life throws at you. Who ever thought I would be camping at 74 going on 75, that's 68 years enjoying the outdoors in a tent. Although we did buy our first camper in 2020 and since then that C hit and now gas prices, we are still looking forward to getting out and seeing the things you would never see looking out the windows in your sticks and bricks home. I hope you do see this and have that feeling of HOPE my friend. God Bless and hang in there.
achsah kaleb
achsah kaleb 6 aylar önce
I will pray that Yehovah Tzeva'ot will protect you under His wing!! You will love the channel Liziqi. I have severe PTSD! God promised me that He will heal me! I also watch Kevin LA Ewing on spiritual Warfare! He taught me how to fight! I pray the blood of Yeshua Ha Massiach over you! Amen and Amen! Love from South Africa
Charla Vandermeer
Charla Vandermeer 6 aylar önce
@Andy V Thank you for this info, I buy at Natural Grocers. Hope they have it. BLESSINGS 🙏
Charla Vandermeer
Charla Vandermeer 6 aylar önce
@DT OLalee Yes me as well. Comfort is so hard to find in an upside down world. BLESSINGS on you❣️ EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS ❣️🙏😇📯✝️👑
Klm York
Klm York 6 aylar önce
Thats because it fills your mind and inner self with people taking and just plain fun watching look for me Kim the Nurse practitioner
Sydney McConnaughhay
Sydney McConnaughhay Yıl önce
DAVE : your outlook on life is beautiful, sometimes we need to hear others say the words we think.God Bless you , your beautiful wife and family.
JJ 8 aylar önce
everyone likes to have their opinions confirmed by others
cillaloves2fish Yıl önce
What a good day at the cabin... nice of Brooke to come by too! Daisy seems to enjoy herself too. I also give my dogs eggs!
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Yıl önce
Thanks Dave! My wife and I just bought 76 acres. We are currently clearing the home site that sits about 3200 ft. in elevation. And I have been thinking that I want to build a small cabin like yours on the top of the Mountain (about 4000 ft. in elevation) that has amazing views of the town and some of the valleys. This little cabin would be perfect. I am sure I won't get to it this year as I am trying to get enough done to get our RV on the property once the well and septic is done. To get out of the RV park since we sold our home to create this new adventure. While it can be scary to sell the comforts of our home to move into an RV and build a house over the next few years. My wife and I know it will be worth it! I hope to create something that my grandkids can enjoy! I have to agree with another comment your voice is very calming and perfect for a story. I have a job that is very stressful in this day and age. So, I am always looking for a place to be calm and quite. Our land is just perfect for that. So, keep up the videos!
Jesse Hayes
Jesse Hayes Yıl önce
The attitude and common sense of yourself and Brooke are just perfect. Have a great day!
Chase Reich
Chase Reich Yıl önce
@John Davidson hopefully
John Davidson
John Davidson Yıl önce
@Chase Reich thanks to channels like this they are going to make a comeback
Chase Reich
Chase Reich Yıl önce
It’s not really common its more rare these days
gliblyaware Yıl önce
The best part of living somewhat minimalist is that your appreciation of what you have goes up exponentially as the frills disappear.
Debra Saints
Debra Saints Yıl önce
Cutest couple ever! I just love the way you both enjoy your awesome tiny cabin. It’s good to enjoy the fruits of your labor. God bless y’all! ❤️
New Beast
New Beast Yıl önce
Hi, Dave and Brooke! I'm a big fan of both your channels, and now I'm saving money to build a 10x12 cabin inspired by yours. Thank you for your guidance and motivation! I'm planning to make the walls 12' tall on the front and 10' tall on the back so I can add a loft. Since I saw your conversation about the hanging chair adding weight to the structure, I'm thinking I might need a bigger foundation to support the taller build. Do you have any suggestions for what kind of foundation you'd use for a cabin like yours but with some extra height and a loft?
Donald North
Donald North Yıl önce
Dave, your voice makes these videos so “down-to-earth” and comforting! The music is right on as well!
Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith Yıl önce
I could watch these cabin moments any day.... so cozy and peaceful.
James Joiner
James Joiner 8 aylar önce
I agree. I actually listen to these vids while I'm cooking at night for myself and it's soothing.
angrydalailama 8 aylar önce
That's a Texas sized ten four.
Quality Cubing
Quality Cubing Yıl önce
duncansbuddy Yıl önce
Amen Robyn, love these guys.
Rob Tuck
Rob Tuck Yıl önce
No, thank you Dave and Brooke for sharing your day with us. We all need to take your advice. Take care and stay safe.
pamela wilson
pamela wilson Yıl önce
I think you and Brooke are wonderful people! Thanks for letting me come along on your adventures. I'm 66 and never get to go anywhere, so you two mean a lot to me. Hugs from North Carolina!
Craig Arndt
Craig Arndt Yıl önce
What a great space. You're giving me loads of ideas to finish my backyard cabin out, give it that character. Great video.
Laura Rafferty
Laura Rafferty Yıl önce
So blessed to have found yours and Brooke’s channels... the beauty in nature and simplicity... and of course; Da Woof. Thank you for doing what you do.
jamie howard
jamie howard Yıl önce
You and Brooke Brighten my day😀 I absolutely love your cabin!
marian frances
marian frances Yıl önce
A woof in the wild! Great cabin tour, Dave. Good on you for taking the time to relax and regenerate 👍😉🇨🇦 great to see Brooke, too!
Zachary Atoui
Zachary Atoui Yıl önce
This is a great example of hard work paying off. Another great video Dave!
Cynthia Hiles
Cynthia Hiles Yıl önce
Dave, you have an incredibly relaxed and calming way of delivering your videos. I am always most impressed and you could read me a story anytime. Lol. You should be reading for the the networks with that voice. 👍🏻
Nigel Green
Nigel Green Yıl önce
Made my day. The videos you both make almost always leave me with a smile on my face.
Truth Time2112
Truth Time2112 Yıl önce
Agreed. Stay BushRadical
Simply Maria
Simply Maria Yıl önce
Yes 😊
julia nyamik
julia nyamik Yıl önce
You & Brooke are one perfect couple. Just love how you both are so simple yet inspiring.
Jim Weiss
Jim Weiss Yıl önce
Just watching this video had a huge calming effect here in NYC. Love all of the videos that you and Brooke do. Your voice and voice cadence is peaceful. Reminds me of Garrison Keillor who I've loved listening to for decades. All the best to you and Brooke!
Denise Mankewitz
Denise Mankewitz Yıl önce
I love you guys! Thank you for such wonderful peaceful virtual respites. I can always count on you both ♥️ so grateful
Bushradical Yıl önce
Chad Youwonder
Chad Youwonder 11 aylar önce
Dave, I think you and your family are pretty awesome. I’d so love to introduce my family into something like this but they’re way to “technologically” involved. Myself, I gave up social media years ago and haven’t looked back! The closest thing to social media is TRpost here and there. I really enjoy your humility, humbleness and the little bit of spirituality you show. Also, I always happen to have an “extra” egg for my woof. Love it and love the channel. From: a new subscriber.
Aeval K
Aeval K Yıl önce
Inspiring. There a very short list of channels I recommend when talking to people about YT. You and Brooke are down to earth, decent and wise people. Your channels are the top ones I recommend to others who are looking for something good, helpful and inspiring.
Tammy Hallmark
Tammy Hallmark Yıl önce
@Alma Burns Thanks. My question was supposed to say Maisy...not Mary. lol
Alma Burns
Alma Burns Yıl önce
@Tammy Hallmark Her name is Daisy/Maisy. Dave calls her Daisy & Brooke calls her Maisy.
Tammy Hallmark
Tammy Hallmark Yıl önce
I thought the dog's name is Mary.
stargirl1love Yıl önce
HI Dave. You and your wife Brooke are my inspiration. Love how you explain everything in detail. Thanks keep those amazing videos coming.
My Jawod
My Jawod 8 aylar önce
i seriously just adore Daisy. she is incredible. also dave smiling, hanging out in the hammock while listening to Brooke editing videos, it's the most peaceful thing in the world. thanks a lot for sharing and u guys have a great day 🥰💚
Buddy Mack
Buddy Mack Yıl önce
The cabin looks great. Thanks for posting this. My wife and I are together re-evaluating many things, and videos like this are inspiring.
Ashley Oblinger
Ashley Oblinger Yıl önce
Well I’ll tell you man, I think you’ve just about sold me on this. I’ve got some land up state on my step dads farm. NY. Maybe I can convince him to get a cabin going. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this, also just for being so honest. Dedicated and real. So very often you come across something that might just change your life. I think I found it. Again, I can’t thank you and your wife enough. This has been a great day. Just sitting back and watching how much progress you all have made. Just wonderful. Really.
Kammy Sutherland
Kammy Sutherland Yıl önce
Just love you guys! Love what you do and love how you live your life. Thank you for sharing it with us. ❤️
Organic Living
Organic Living Yıl önce
That looks AMAZING!! I took a big sigh of relief just imagining being there lol!!! I/we go to our cabin every chance we get! God bless you and Brooke!
herr_panzerfaust Yıl önce
You guys are really living the dream! I hope i get the oportunity to build a tiny house like this some day, but self built cabins are stupidly over regulated where i live (Spain) and government made it almost impossible to legally build them in your own property. God bless you!
bert eggers
bert eggers Yıl önce
Dittos, weather has been great these last days! Thanks for the inspiration to build our own. My big question is whether the frost heaved the cabin posts unevenly as you didn't go below the frost line. Really enjoying your posts, totally!
Shel W
Shel W Yıl önce
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your videos. So peaceful, and your narration is wonderful. Thank you guys for sharing a piece of your lives with us :)
Stephanie Woods
Stephanie Woods Yıl önce
Yay! Watching you and Brooke this morning made my day start off right! Love the soothing music and your tone is just perfect! Enjoy the cabin and thanks for another great video! ✌️✌️ Small town gal in New Hampshire
Bobby Solecki
Bobby Solecki 10 aylar önce
Great series on building and awesome thoughts and insights. Thank you both.
Natalie Harte
Natalie Harte 8 aylar önce
You guys did such a great job! The cabin looks adorable.
John Adams
John Adams Yıl önce
Dave, very good video! I have a question, you do not seem to put any kind of barrier between the insulation and the metal roof. Have you ever had a moisture problem in that spot from condensation of the metal -- specifically the insulation getting wet and dripping into ceiling?
Arnold Lausch
Arnold Lausch Yıl önce
So nice! We love going to our small cabin and just relaxing, play some crib, watch the birds and watch to see what will come down the creek! 😊
Bushradical Yıl önce
Sounds great!
DL Yıl önce
Beautiful. I can imagine myself in that little cabin and going for hikes on that gorgeous land. Btw, you have the perfect narrator's voice for these videos. Really enjoying your TRpost channel.
Eberhard Hofer
Eberhard Hofer Yıl önce
Love the cabin videos! Thanks for making this one for us!
David Spaugh
David Spaugh Yıl önce
I'm learning so much from your channel and can't wait to get started. You're an inspiration to me, and I sincerely appreciated the prayer you had before breakfast. God bless you both, brother.
Kasey Thomas
Kasey Thomas Yıl önce
Nice to see you both at the cabin! Can't wait for the building to start in the U.P.! (wish their spring wasn't so late)
Brenda R.
Brenda R. 9 aylar önce
Looks like a wonderful day. I loved seeing Daisy laying out looking over her kingdom. Thank you for sharing.
Richard McGrath
Richard McGrath 11 aylar önce
Great for the soul, watching this series of videos. I have very few building skills, but will have a try at creating one of these cabins for myself over the next summer. I live on two acres of land, and in New Zealand we are allowed to build up to 300 square feet without a permit.
Anthony Ball
Anthony Ball 9 aylar önce
I love how laid back y'all are. After getting covid a year ago I am now disabled from the permanent after effects. I find my self in love with the simplicity of the off grid life style. Looking forward to more videos....
Bushradical 9 aylar önce
Anne Sweeney
Anne Sweeney Yıl önce
Love your taking advantage of your time at cabin . You two are amazing ! 🙏🏻 Make sure you clean it up before you leave .. so Brooke can’t see where you been .. she had it cleaned for you by the way ! Love you guys
Haunebu II
Haunebu II Yıl önce
Amazing Dave. I have watched the evolution of this sweet little piece of heaven that you two built and it has inspired me to act. Kudos and thank you for sharing sir.
CareBian8000 Yıl önce
This is the Best Video!!! Loved the whole thing, cant think of a better way to spend a day during the Winter ❤ Be Well Dave & Brooke
Venla Hovila
Venla Hovila Yıl önce
Thank you for the video. Have you considered adding simple water harvesting system to your cabin as you have the kind of roof (sheet metal) there, that you could get clean rain water at least for washing hands and dished if not for drinking? It would make your cabin a bit more self sufficient :)
smileyhappyradio Yıl önce
Beautiful, enjoy that cabin you built with Brooke, and thanks for sharing it!
The Maine Woods
The Maine Woods Yıl önce
I always share eggs with my dog, she knows the sound of an egg cracking means she’s about to get a snack, you’re commentary is 👌
Vertigo Bridge
Vertigo Bridge 11 aylar önce
I love the little cabin and that you're fellow Michiganders. I'm planning to build a simple building I'm calling my "writing cabin". I'll use it to work remotely and to get away from things when I need to. I won't do the truly remote stuff you guys do, but I really enjoy it vicariously. Both of you are engaging and free in so many ways. I love that. Thanks for sharing your world. I have to laugh at myself. After watching several videos from you both, it finally came to me that you were on Alone. My memory isn't the greatest. LOL. I loved watching that series. Stay true!
Chris McCollum
Chris McCollum Yıl önce
great memories. You've inspired our family. We watched the build videos a hundred times and have started building our own in our backyard! Just gout the foundation done. Walls go up in the coming week or two. Wish we could show pics. But thanks for the inspiration!
DAFish Yıl önce
You guys are so awesome and blessed! Love this....who wouldn't want to wake up and go to bed with anything other than this!
James Keenan
James Keenan Yıl önce
you said it right Dave, good to take a day off and relax. love the channel, keep up the great work.
Charles Knight
Charles Knight Yıl önce
Dave ... Thank you for sharing your day with me and the rest of the world!!! It was a wonderful ride!!! Me and mine wish you and yours all things great and good!!! Take care, be safe, all my best and God bless!!! Chuck Knight from Buffalo, Texas, USA. 🤠🐩🖖✝️🙏☃️👍
dreamsdo cometrue
dreamsdo cometrue 3 aylar önce
Your tiny cabin exteriors look so nice. I love how the black paint contrasts the white snow. It gives off a warm vibe during winter.
calvin wisdom
calvin wisdom Yıl önce
I've watched youtwo build this cabin. and love the simplicity of it . great place to get away !!!
Gerald Nichols
Gerald Nichols Yıl önce
Thanks for the video. The snow in northern Wisconsin is melting fairly fast right now and start my small off grid cabin build here soon. Will be getting some help structurally from a friend that has experience in building trades but will be a great way for me to learn . All of the exterior and interior I will do myself now it's just tying the creativity together to get the look and atmosphere I want. Simple living!
Travis Evans
Travis Evans Yıl önce
Great vid Dave! I love what you said about making work just to “move the ball.” I’m guilty for that. I have 10 things in the go right now. Can’t wait to sit by a fire this weekend. Keep up the good work.
Stephanie Jo Rountree
Stephanie Jo Rountree Yıl önce
It's wonderful to just take time to enjoy life with no worries. Thanks for the video.
Jason Green
Jason Green Gün önce
I love watching your videos. Life is stressful however, that’s only because you make it that way. ( no politics, money, or any modern day aggravation) I love watching these videos. Time absolutely stands still. Thank you for posting, regardless of how one feels it’s so relaxing to watch. Thank you, these videos are awesome. Reminds you of how valuable life truly is.
Frédéric Delorme
Frédéric Delorme 7 aylar önce
Thanks Dave for what you share, a build of a simple and beautiful life !
AboutaGirlNamedJessie Yıl önce
Love all the shots you do! Makes one feel they are right there at the cabin taking in all the sights, its brilliant! Thank you for this lovely vid today, was very much welcomed!
B Moore
B Moore Yıl önce
It's so refreshing to hear your wisdom on living practical and frugal. The rewards of more time to do nothing or anything you chose is priceless. I look forward to few on YT but you guys are on my top 3 list..Thanks for sharing !
Allan Sturgis
Allan Sturgis Yıl önce
I aspire to have this, a great cabin. Family and your outlook make your videos great relaxing content. Much appreciated.
Steve Hildreth
Steve Hildreth 9 gün önce
Thank you! Your videos and Brooke's are a joy to watch! We have 40 rugged acres in Northern Idaho. There's a big shop with the inside still under construction and a house build soon to start. Our drive, the well and septic are now complete. I hope to build something similar to your cabin up the hill from the main house after it's all finished. A place to retreat to when life's pressures build too much, a place my wife can take friends to for an afternoon tea and gaze out on the Pend Orielle River in the distance. As your place is beautiful so is ours. It's a dream that's been a long time coming!
CJ G Yıl önce
So blessed to be able to destress and enjoy nature and your hard work of the cabin, thanks for having me come along!!
The Octomonkey
The Octomonkey Yıl önce
Amazing content. I've got plans to get a little land and try my hand at building something similar. You really are an inspiration.
Linda George
Linda George Yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful! Dave how long did it take you to walk from where you put the snow shoes on, to when you finally made it to the cabin? Where was it that You got the snow shoes from, was that your other home?💗
Bryan Adair
Bryan Adair Yıl önce
Awesome video Dave.The simple things are the best,thanks for letting people see this. God bless you my friend.
Universal Magic Man
Universal Magic Man Yıl önce
Awesome brother :) thank you for this inspiration. I know exactly the cabin build i'm starting with when i get my property! Love both your guys channels and the good vibes. Peace
Judy Schmidt
Judy Schmidt Yıl önce
You have the perfect story teller voice. Relaxing.
Gregg 8 aylar önce
@Stephen Mac Now that is not only accurate but hysterical! What a great channel huh?
Paul Romine
Paul Romine 8 aylar önce
Reminds me of Nick Offerman
chicco 8 aylar önce
Tenho aprendido muito com você. Obrigado!
Cisium 8 aylar önce
@Ilikekittensanddope Aw, is kitty jealous?
leek619 Yıl önce
❤ Thank you for so.much inspiration from both of you! Our days are better thanks to B & D 👍👍
Tamar Tibbs
Tamar Tibbs 9 aylar önce
I've watched the 3 part building of this cabin in the last day or so and am excited to get going on a build with my kids as helpers (and one handyman) over the next two school holidays. Do you have a prepared purchase list you could share? It would save me a bunch of time and reduce error for us once we are on the mountain site. Thank you a million!
Bushradical 9 aylar önce
Good luck!! Sorry but I dont have a list
Rebecca Bowers
Rebecca Bowers Yıl önce
I enjoy your and Brook’s videos. The simplicity of life can be so refreshing. Thanks for sharing!
CHERYL T Yıl önce
Awesome video Dave loved it,so calm and peaceful there,and sitting there by the wood stove is so cozy in itself especially when you add the coffee and of course breakfast and Brooke and Da Woof, thanks for taking us along 🐶☕🍵🍳🍞👍😊...
Deborah Elliott
Deborah Elliott Yıl önce
I do enjoy you and Brooke. Thanks for the videos guys, you really make me feel like I am right there with you.
KUEHL KUEST 8 aylar önce
Can't beat a nice relaxing day being cozy in a nice little cabin watching wildlife and the world go by. Thanks for sharing. J&C
Larry Meyers
Larry Meyers Yıl önce
Everyone needs a day of nothing but relaxing in the woods and watch nature
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