Harbor Freight manual Tire Changer review

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2 yıl önce

Here is my review of the Harbor Freight manual tire changer. This unit is only $34.00.....can it really change a tire ???? Lets find out.

Stefan Schuh
Stefan Schuh Yıl önce
If you're only changing the sensor, even if replacing with a rubber valve, just break the top bead and hold it open while you remove and replace the valve. No need to remove the tire or break other bead. This will keep the wheel balanced once you refill with air. There is also a valve set tool you thread onto the end of it and pry over the rim to set the valve into place
PatZ 2 saatler önce
... luckily, you or your daughter will need to buy new tires soon anyway to pass inspection next time...take the time and expense to have the tire pressure sensors replaced and rims cleaned properly... your loved ones safety and lives depend on good tires and correct air pressure every time they get in that car...the reason that valve stem failed is OXIDATION of the cheap rubber bushing from CHINA where everything comes now thanx to our overlord slave.masters...LETS GO BRANDEN.....USAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSA.....................................
Bryant Fry
Bryant Fry Yıl önce
It's important to mark your tire where the valve stem is so that when you remount the tire that it stays relatively balanced.
Keith Rowe
Keith Rowe 15 gün önce
@Florida Guy are you saying there was a nail in it when it got balanced? Otherwise it would certainly be balanced if you put it back in The same spot
Caddy Guy
Caddy Guy 2 aylar önce
@TikTok is a Chinese Knock Off Paid 75 hours?
Caddy Guy
Caddy Guy 2 aylar önce
@Decibell one Was seeing if anyone got to that yet.
TikTok is a Chinese Knock Off
TikTok is a Chinese Knock Off 2 aylar önce
If people only knew that tech is only!!! Paid .75 hours for the whole job of 4 tires ticket grab to ticket completion a lot of people would start doing themselves...
TikTok is a Chinese Knock Off
TikTok is a Chinese Knock Off 2 aylar önce
@Mike Workman ok know it all. Wrong on all aspects. yeah I'm cheap because I wanna save thousands because I don't do 5 plus vehicles a day in my shop worth of tires... How in anyway is my shop cheap when spending money actually more because we mount and balance ourselves spending more then just paying or free sometimes than than doing it ourselves because we can or in my case a mechanic shop owner.... And lastly yeah um we do give a shit and want it done right
Michael Dose
Michael Dose 2 yıl önce
A couple of things to keep in mind using this tool. Always turn the bar clockwise this will prevent the hold down from coming loose. When reinstalling clamp a pair of vise grips use it as a handle on the bar to keep it from rotating and coming out of the bead.
Trevor Ladd
Trevor Ladd 8 aylar önce
I was a tire tech for years. Even using the pro machines that cost tens of thousands you still run into issues constantly. Mounting and dismounting tires is never straightforward unless its just run of the mill stuff. You've got 20 inch reverse mounts, lock ring bead protectors, out faced wheels, faces that aren't level so you mess them up if you aren't extremally technical about it.. Then chrome wheels that have any rust on the bead feel nearly impossible to break the beads half of the time and you always have to wire brush the wheel and use bead sealant to remount the older chrome wheels since they always leak on the bead after they've rusted. All that being said, I don't think that harbor freight tool is doing you justice. I'm old school, I can mount or dismount anything with just mounting bars and spoon bars. You can't go wrong because you can do any tire old school and often faster. If I have really hard stuff at work that I need to be particular about I leave the machine and use the old reliable mounting bars since I don't have to worry about machine error, just technique. Get a wedge axe to break the beads(seriously, you get good aim and wedge axe and beat the crap out of it right where the bead seats and that's the best way to break the bead) and then just use a mounting bar and spoon bar (or two mounting bars) to take it off. Putting it back on is even easier, on passenger tires 9 times out of ten you can just push on the first bead and use one mounting bar for the second bead, just catch the lip and flip it over rinse and repeat. A lot of the time the bead won't seat when you try to air it up and unless you have a bead blaster. If you don't have a bead blaster (bead seater) just take some w-d 40 and coat the wheel. Then ignite it from a safe distance and it will instantly fill the tire with air and seat it for you. The flame sucks in so much oxygen at once you might as well have seated the tire with an air blaster. That's the tips i have in a nutshell, learn to do it all with the bars and wedge axe and be crafty with the rest and you will never struggle with any tire.
slaydrew12 11 aylar önce
Thanks for the review ! As an actual former tire shop mechanic I was skeptical manual tire machines were really difficult to use. As Im used to using real automatic tire machines this doesn't seem too bad at all. I will have to invest in one now thanks for the video .
Wildest Cowboy
Wildest Cowboy Aylar önce
Did you purchase one or were you just running your pie hole?
Clinton Hague
Clinton Hague Yıl önce
Two things for the future. 1, when mounting the new tire on the rim, make sure the near side of the tire sits under the big bump near the bear then talk the tire tool around. 2, if the tire is touching the top and bottom of the rim like this one was, getting air in the tire fast isn't really necessary; that's only required with floppy sidewall tires that are too narrow and don't touch the top and bottom sides of the rim.
Charles Biba
Charles Biba Yıl önce
Great video. Self-reliance is everything in this day and age. In a rural area having a machine and knowing how to change a valve stem can be the difference between having a working car or an expensive tow bill. Getting a balance or ordering a sensor on ebay can happen later or at a more convenient time. Re: Balancing. If you had intended to replace the sensor, you could also have marked the exact position of the tire on the rim with an alignment line using chalk, etc.. Then when you remounted the tire you'd just need to line up against your mark before re-seating the bead. As long as the sensor was the same, the balancing wouldn't change. I never measured the weight of a sensor, but I see in the video the counterweight was directly opposite the valve stem hole indicating that the balancing was taking into account the weight of the sensor. Pulling the counterweight off would probably had resulted in a better quick and dirty balance too.
Luke Quigley
Luke Quigley 5 gün önce
AGREE, Bought tire changer n balancer[bubble] EBAY in 2019 and pd for itself already..Decent quality for around 90.00 for the pair..A few tires to get the hang and tips on getting faster , where to put bead breaker etc.. Bal can be finiky but slow n easy, take your time to zero bubble and can get to 80mph and no thump..My area m and b a tire can run 17.00 to 25.00 , so have done 12 pairs so far and getting faster..Best purchase..
Scott Miner
Scott Miner 8 aylar önce
Brought back memories of my youth. I worked in a tire shop that used a more robust but very similar machine. We had a Coates 20/20 in the shop as well and the manual machine is actually faster because there is no reset time. Good video.
Elizabeth Greene
Elizabeth Greene 7 gün önce
I think I'd want a wood or UHMW "cone" to prevent the center post from scratching up the front of the wheel, but that looks like a pretty handy tool. 10/10, will buy.
Cody Ramey
Cody Ramey Yıl önce
This tool is priceless! I've changed countless tires with it and made a lot of money from doing so. Although, one recommendation I would like to state is.. to weld a larger brace onto the bead breaker arm. After prolonged use, it'll begin to bend and ultimately break, leaving you at square one. Those thin weak attachments aren't very sturdy at all. Then again.. I'm use to mounting/unmounting 31's and larger with ease.
Not Doow
Not Doow 5 aylar önce
great advice! will definitely be doing this!
Noctambule 4 aylar önce
As someone who works on vehicles for a living, I must say I'm pretty impressed. Going into this I was much more interested in how you were going to mount the tire since it could be a pain in the rear at times even with the equipment we use at the shop. Still, you managed to mount that tire back on without too much of a struggle! lol
A. L. White
A. L. White 10 aylar önce
The key to getting dust out if a blind hole with a vacuum is to put the hose so it's halfway across the hole. That way air can rush in to provide the flow needed to take up the dust into the vacuum. Though it might not work that well on a hole that deep.
Bob Amos
Bob Amos 2 yıl önce
I've had one of these for about 20 years. Still works great and I have changed many tires doing restoration work on cars and trucks... I grew up in the 60s working at service stations and these are the changers we had. I am right at home with them. One suggestion would be to make an index for the tire at the valve stem and mark the weights so that balance can be somewhat close when reinstalling tire. of coarse removing the TPM sensor was a lot of weight so it will need balancing but if a repair is all that is being done, it helps to keep things from getting out of control at higher speeds.
Wildest Cowboy
Wildest Cowboy Aylar önce
Bob I doubt he has enough intelligence for your advice. Here in rural Alabama we have a guy that breaks them down with a sledge hammer!
Bushradical 2 yıl önce
Axel Axel
Axel Axel 10 aylar önce
Thank you for this! I used a tool similar to this as a kid and forgot all about it and haven't been able to change a tire for years without help. So glad I stumbled on this tool and glad you made a video on it!!
Bill Shewmake
Bill Shewmake 5 aylar önce
I've had mine for about 4yrs and I'm happy with it. I've changed a lot of tires with it and gonna change a lot more for sure. Once you get the hang of it, it's easier and faster to use. Great video by the way
dubmob151 9 aylar önce
9:49 You had the right setup for mounting there, it has to be done in clockwise fashion with the mounting tip, but the key is to keep the mounting bar braced up high on the center post, which keeps it from slipping off the bead. The mounting tip has a ramp profile that will guide it down under the rim edge, and the important thing is to keep the opposite bead in the drop center of the rim, which gives sufficient slack to get it over the edge. And using a good tire lubricant like Ru-Glyde makes a big difference in the effort required.
B Dupp
B Dupp Yıl önce
I’ve had one for 20 yrs now. I use it A Lot . I mount my own and then get balanced at Walmart . I did have to weld the top stem back on once changing 33” tires but it works great and I highly recommend
dubmob151 9 aylar önce
6:25 It also may help to put the breaker arm pivot on one of the holes further out, so the breaker arm is more vertical, and less likely to slip sideways on the tire. Pushing the wheel further towards the post also helps toward that end-
John Katkus
John Katkus Yıl önce
Great Video. Years ago I bought the same device but put this on a 3.4 inch of 4 x 4 plywood because I did not want to drill into the floor. This was great for changing motorcycle tires as well. The local shop wants $50 to mount a tire. Not for me. This is a great tool an you definitely need to get one. Money well spent.
David T4
David T4 Yıl önce
I've noticed that the flat steel arms of the bead breaker are somewhat weak. I have beefed mine up by welding on some angle iron to give more support. Good video, thanks.
John Baumgartner
John Baumgartner Yıl önce
I'm an old fart and I have changed literally hundreds of tires on a similar machine as this. It really is not rocket science if you don't mind doing a little manual labor and getting your hands dirty. Thanks for the review on this. As soon as I get some concrete in my own garage I will be getting one.
Deano OutDoors
Deano OutDoors Yıl önce
To break the bead easier, try moving the setting to the middle hole. Once I did that, the beads broke with ease!
SuperSkunkyGrow 7 aylar önce
Right at $50 locally at my harbor freight around a year after this video was made. Still a great buy! Nice review bud! Love all your videos btw
New Jersey Exposed
New Jersey Exposed 2 aylar önce
Having busted tires for a living when I was a young man...I am impressed. Getting air into tire and getting the bead to grab is the real challenge. Great video.
Todd Morey
Todd Morey Yıl önce
Bought one these a few years ago. Used it to change out tires on my lawn tractor. I found it easy to break beads. Have used it to break beads on a motorcycle also. Funny thing is i have yet to use it for a car tire. But definitely worth the money.
Charles Maxim
Charles Maxim 9 aylar önce
You can mount it on a piece of plywood about 4' and when stood on keeps from moving and is totally portable. Also a bicycle tube inflated can fill the gap when inflating if the gap is too wide. Get the tube a little bigger than size your doing. Inflation will make up for the difference.
eric pigg
eric pigg 2 yıl önce
I use mine often. Most often for ATV tires. It works really well, especially for the money. I put anchors in my garage floor to hold it down which was a major help. Only complaint I have is that sometimes, the bead breaker is just not strong enough to break the bead, and I have to use other methods. Other than that, it works really well.
Robert Logan
Robert Logan 10 aylar önce
Awesome video man! Thanks a ton for taking time out to do this and post it for everyone to watch before buying. Very much appreciated
Al_Dmajor Yıl önce
This definitely helped me make a decision on purchasing one. I’ve been wanting to get one for quite some time now. Thanks 👍🏾
dakinelidat Yıl önce
That bead breaker seems a bit flimsy. Easiest way I found to break a tire bead is to remove the Schroder valve, line up the tire with your truck or car tire so that the tire will run over the flat tire just in front of the rim. The weight of the vehicle will break the bead. Obviously you will need a second vehicle or have a spare tire to use for this process but it works effortlessly.
James Roberts
James Roberts 7 aylar önce
When I was a teenager back in the late 60's I worked in a service station where the owner was too cheap to buy a fancy pneumatically operated tire changing machine. We changed tires pretty much like you see it being done in this video except all of the tools used were heavy duty. All you needed was a strong back and a little muscle power I changed dozens of tires this way.
Gregory Parrott
Gregory Parrott Yıl önce
Thanks for posting this review. I bought and used their tire changer a couple years ago. It works, but I found a couple of deficiencies: 1) There is small triangular section welded to the base (seen at 1:09) that is used to prevent the wheel from moving when using the bead breaker. This feature has sharp edges which galls the wheel. I had to stuff rags, plastic parts, etc. in between it and the wheel to minimize damage. Grinding off the edges on the triangular part will help a bit. But, a better means of preventing the wheel from moving is needed. 2) I used soapy water from the start. But, just as you encountered, starting at 4:52, the curved metal 'shoe' that presses against the tire and is meant to break the bead, kept falling away from the bead and instead slipped to the center of the tire's sidewall. Re-pinning the shoe assembly on the lever arm canted the angle of the shoe assembly. This helped the shoe to both press down as well as press the shoe INWARD toward the center of the tire. But even then, the shoe tended to slip back towards the tire's sidewall. I addressed this by jamming in wood blocks between the shoe and the changer's center post to forcibly prevent the shoe from slipping. On a separate note, it was not clear that you used the wheel's 'drop center' to aid in getting the bead past the outer rim diameter. The 'drop center' is the section of the wheel which has the smallest diameter. By placing part of the bead there (180 degrees from the valve stem), it eases movement of the rest of the bead over the outer diameter of the wheel's flange.
mopar fan
mopar fan 8 aylar önce
@Gregory Parrott I do think rubber would have to be replaced once in awhile and plastic would probably be better . I will experiment until I find something suitable.
Gregory Parrott
Gregory Parrott 8 aylar önce
@mopar fan Thanks. Merry Christmas to you as well. Based on having used rags and the like (which were quickly chewed up), I doubt rubber hose will last long. Consider any soft material as 'expendable', needing to be periodically replaced. A hard plastic would last longer.
mopar fan
mopar fan 8 aylar önce
@Gregory Parrott I just watched another video where a guy cut the angle off. It looks like he maybe welded a nut inside a piece of pipe and then put a piece of rubber hose over the pipe and bolted it to the base. I am going to try something like that. Thanks for you thoughts on making the changer more functional. Merry Christmas.
Gregory Parrott
Gregory Parrott 8 aylar önce
@mopar fan Either cutting it off and replacing it, OR bolting something on to it is a good idea. A tough piece of plastic (like Delrin, etc.) would protect the wheel. Another change might be to make the slope which contacts the wheel steeper. It is currently 45 degrees, and the wheel sometimes climbs that ramp. Before adapting what you have, you might want to look at other portable changers shown on TRpost. They may offer clues on optimizing your design. If you come up with a good solution, please post another comment here to describe it.
mopar fan
mopar fan 8 aylar önce
I have one of the HF tire changers and was thinking the cutting the angle off for the bead breaker and drilling and bolting a bump stop bushing in it's place might be better.
Charles Mikesell
Charles Mikesell 10 aylar önce
I use mine specifically for atv tires, your van tire looked easier than small atv tires. It does make it easier if you have previous experience changing tires. And yes the bead breaker sucks, but gets the job done
Tom S
Tom S Yıl önce
Good vid Dave. I've had one for about 10 years now. Never regretted getting it!
dubmob151 9 aylar önce
4:32 I use a cut up tire tread to cushion the breaker arm stop at the base to help keep it from gouging out the rim. Also works to cushion the rim from the star retainer when putting the wheel on the changer- Any old tires I have, I cut up and make jack pads which are very useful-
Kirsten Spencer
Kirsten Spencer 9 aylar önce
Modern tubless tires use " drop center " rims / wheels. Make sure the bead goes into " valley" in the rim while dismounting and mounting the tire. With lube should be relatively easy. A bit of soap is necessary. Really old hard tires (aged ) are another story.
Sean T
Sean T Yıl önce
Amazing video! Very informative. Did you have to put some sort of rubber glue on the bead area of the rim?
Michael wise
Michael wise Yıl önce
Great informational video sir! This has greatly helped me chose which tire changer I'm gonna buy. Small amount of work myself to save a ton of money. Thank you and have a great day!
Dalton Sales
Dalton Sales 8 aylar önce
11:00 a really good tip if you can't get the bead to seat, is to take a ratchet strap and put it around the tire as though it's running down the road, and tighten up until the bead is close to touching if not already touching. Put air in until it takes and doesn't leak around the bead, then remove the ratchet strap. Have fixed many busted bead leaks on the trails or in the fields with this method.
Critical Event
Critical Event Yıl önce
I have the same thing from Princess Auto in Canada. Changes I made to mine right away: welded an extra piece to join the two flat bars on the breaker together, because that thing will eventually turn into a parallelogram on you and collapse. I added a magnet to the breaker arm to hold it up out of the way while you're placing your wheel on the floor. Most importantly I got one of these tire irons to save my wheels no-scufftiretool.com/, you can make your own out of the stock one with with melted milk bottles but it's not that expensive to just buy one. I also picked up some bead seal and tire lube from the local auto parts place, when you're working with rough old rims you really want those beads to seal the first time so goop them up good.
Starfall 83
Starfall 83 Yıl önce
I love the irony of making a tire repair tool out of a nail.
a a
a a 11 aylar önce
Good video, thanks for review, fyi I've changed several TPMS, you don't need to remove the tire from the rim, you really only need to unbead the front of the tire, put a 1x4 or 2x4 to between the tire and rim so you can remove the TPMS and replace it, or install a new stem if that's what you want to do. You can also fish out a TPMS if you drop it in the tire or it falls in with out removing the tire from the rim...been there done it lol
Mouse Toad
Mouse Toad Yıl önce
I've had one of those sitting around for years. I've used it but it wasn't easy. I just usually pay the tire shop, not enough energy to change 4 tires at once. But now the shops want $25 per wheel, so I'm saving up for a $2000 tire machine/balancer combo. With that said, I appreciate the video. I may try mine again, this time bolting it down, and use a bit more soap. I probably didn't use it right, before. I appreciate the video, may use mine at a remote location even if I buy the fancy setup for my shop.
David Albers
David Albers Yıl önce
Great video that shows how the product actually works and any struggles the average person may have using it. No cut aways that leave out important parts. The only thing i would have added is to show how the tool held up. Maybe some close ups of the base (warping/bending) and the edges of the bars/bead pushers.
Bushradical Yıl önce
I havent used it on heavy tires...I think thats important
Phillip Parker
Phillip Parker Yıl önce
Always remember to mark your tire position on the rim, it will be close to balance
Paul Rdgers
Paul Rdgers 2 yıl önce
I've used this exact tool at home to change between 6-8 tyres in the last year. It's totally worth the money and once you get used to it, it takes all of 5 mins to change a tyre. Use the rounded nub like you initially did when putting the final bead back on the rim. when you first place the tyre on the rim to go back on you should be able to push the first bead on by hand.
207. Maine madness
207. Maine madness 9 aylar önce
Could I use it on a lawnmower tire
Phil Aleshire
Phil Aleshire Aylar önce
Excellent tool used one a little more industrial meaning place for the soapy water with a soft brush and had a way to balance your tire as well all manually. The only thing that I would have done was mark on the tire where the valve stem would have gone back and or any of the balance weights. You did a great job and I am sold on this machine and Harbor Frieght. It was in the 60's I had the chance to use them. Great video.
On a Wing and a Hog
On a Wing and a Hog Yıl önce
Thanks man! I was thinking about buying one of these units to change my own motorcycle tires. It’s ridiculous how much shops charge to replace tires. Before I run over to HF, I wanted to see one in action. Great video. I subbed
Floyd Horsler Jr
Floyd Horsler Jr 8 aylar önce
Tire shops have a lot of overhead to pay for. They can't do it for free or they would go out of business lol see what you would charge when you have equipment to pay for payroll insurance electricity etc. I know folks think prices are crazy but put yourself in their shoes. They have to charge what they do in most cases in order to have a business
Joseph Anthony Puccio
Joseph Anthony Puccio 9 aylar önce
I have the same unit and used it to mount 33 inch tires on my second gen xterra.. Don't forget to buy some cheap tire spoons while your at harbor freight buying it....the thing works great! Im glad you finally used some slip soap...ya had me wondering for a minute. Plus you can use a valve cap style tire pressure monitoring system..its like 40. Bucks on amazon. Big tires? Mount the beads with starting fluid and 🔥.
Brett Houston Tube
Brett Houston Tube 6 aylar önce
Thanks for the review. Place the tire in the narrowest part of the rim [the groove] when putting it on to have the space to stretch it. Otherwise you must stretch it much harder to fit. That's the trick.
Maxwell Speedwell
Maxwell Speedwell Yıl önce
1. Weld some angle iron to those flimsy arms that go from the lever to the shoe. They bend. *Make a static balancer. Place weights on the wheel. Get it close to perfect. *Mark the wheel with a felt pen and the tire with crayon to index the wheel & tire. * Break the bead and pour in four oz. of .2 gram airsoft pellets for small tires & wheels. *Be certain the tire and wheel are aligned and re-inflate to set the beads. The static balance is good for less than 30mph. The beads are for speeds above 30 mph. Worked for me. Turbine smooth!
Damon Highley
Damon Highley 3 aylar önce
I have this tool....works great...mounted it to a 3/4 piece of plywood.....its just like the one I used working at my dad's gas station when I was younger...this,along with the bubble balancer....
Wes Snyder
Wes Snyder 9 aylar önce
I’ve had one of these for several years and it takes a lot of back strength to break the bead. Also when you go to remount the tire on the rim, it takes quite a wrestling match to get it back on. Use plenty of lube and make sure and follow the included instructions. Good luck.
29710online 8 aylar önce
I have had one of these things bolted to the floor in my garage for a little more than a decade now. I have changed hundreds if not thousands of tires on it already. Probably the best $29 I ever spent. I think they cost a little more than that these days though.
TheOtherBill 2 yıl önce
Something I learned the hard way - plug those holes in the floor with a piece of rubber or even a bolt of the right size. Water, ice, dirt - even small parts - all seem to find a way in and clog them.
Mike Fox
Mike Fox 10 aylar önce
I use the heavy blue pallet to mount it (you need to a shim/block a few slats) mine has been outside 7 or more years&done 50-70 tires mostly 16" sometimes have to drive over or bumper jack it.over time that lug pin will break but an old bolt bent 90 degrees will full in THANX 4 THE NAIL TOOL TIP
Tim Snider
Tim Snider Yıl önce
Get a rubber mat to lay the wheel on so it won’t mar the aluminum wheel. Also out of the same rubber mat cut a doughnut to go under the star clamp. You also don’t have to remove the whole tire to change the valve. Break the bead at the valve side then use tool to squeeze the tire to gain access to valve. Remove old stem then slide in new. Mark tire with chalk where stem is if you break the bead on both sides then don’t have to balance. Just some tips.
Nerf Commando
Nerf Commando Yıl önce
great idea!
Hans Keim
Hans Keim Yıl önce
Very good idea, use some antilock too
scott ingledue
scott ingledue 2 yıl önce
Arturo Garza me too had same thought😀
VolksdeutscheSS Yıl önce
This is a pretty good video on using this tire changer. I'm sure the man balanced the tire or took balancing into account.
TK42138 Yıl önce
Nicely demonstrated. Probably have to get one because I'm working on a car with alloy wheels that have gone porous where the tyre bead sits so tyres keep going flat.
Chuy Viramontes
Chuy Viramontes 2 yıl önce
Hey Dave, thanks for the information. I think it worked well as expected. Definitely soapy water every time would not push the issues. Thumbs up
Bushradical 2 yıl önce
Thanks 👍
Rocket Surgery
Rocket Surgery Yıl önce
When installing the tire you should have the bead in the wheels groove 180 degrees opposite of the side you're working on. In other words push down on the tire so the bead drops to the inset groove on the inside of the wheel otherwise you're trying to stretch the tire over the bead and they don't stretch that much.
John Lee
John Lee 2 yıl önce
Well for average sized tires on minivans and regular cars, I'd say this works fairly well if a little inefficient compared to a pneumatic changer. However for me and many newer cars with low profile tires? No thank you, this would be a nightmare.
james blevins
james blevins Yıl önce
A tip from a man who does tires every day he works. Mark the valve stem on the tire! That way you know where the tire was balanced and the way it was rotating so no drivability concerns arise. But I'd love to see a video on a manual balancer as well! Great job on the video!
Paul Amarante
Paul Amarante 2 aylar önce
Yep, I would have put a line on the rim and tire, and matched it when remounting so the exact spot, tire to rim, is the same prior to taking the tire off.
Green Ridge Gardens
Green Ridge Gardens 11 aylar önce
Awesome review!! I have one saved for pick up tomorrow! Great video also!! Very well done all around!
Ted Tolentino
Ted Tolentino Yıl önce
This is a nice, short video on the Harbor Freight tire changer. And I can see the video's value in demonstrating some of the deficiencies of the product that a novice will encounter. I have had mine for a couple of years now, having used it to change tires on wheels for 3 different vehicles. all had alloy wheels which made the risk of marring them a concern. There is a bit of a learning curve to find how to best use the tool. What I have found is the following: 1) the "shoe" that breaks the bead is welded to the extension arms such that an angle of the tire needs to be achieved in order for the shoe to "dig" into the bead. Some lateral force has to be applied to "wedge" that shoe to where the bead sits in the rim of the wheel. I found that by placing a 2x4s beneath the tire so as to elevate it at a steeper angle to the horizontal I could get a better "angle" of attack. 2) With the alloy wheels I was reluctant to to use the handle bar tool to pop off the bead of the tire. I used, instead, the simple tire irons (also sold by Harbor Freight) to carefully pry up the bead. If you have steel wheels, you could use the handle bar tool, as shown in the video, with less risk of damaging the rim of the wheel. So, all in all, I'm satisfied with this rather inexpensive tool to change out tires. And if you only have to do so once every few years, it beats scheduling an appointment then waiting at the tire dealership to have the work done. If anyone has any other tips using this HF tool, please comment.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks for the comment
Daniel Barnhart
Daniel Barnhart 6 aylar önce
Great job it was very informative and I do love harbor freight not everything they have is built great but sometimes u get lucky and you can't beat great deals thanks again for a great diy video
nsboost Yıl önce
Definitely nice in a pinch. And I’m not a fan of bubble balancers so we still kinda have to deal with the tire store
Itz Cyclops
Itz Cyclops Yıl önce
9:50 At this point if you can have a cabinet clamp or another person push the part of bead that is already inside the rim down toward the center of the rim where its diameter is smallest it gives you all the slack you need to easily get the rest of the bead inside the rim. It is the tire's natural tendency to spring its beads out to the major diameter of the rim that forces you to try to stretch the tire to get the last remaining bead over the rim that takes so much effort. Put another way, as soon as you get half the bead inside the rim squeezing that part of the tire allows allow the tire to go eccentric with the rim giving you plenty of slack. The last half of getting the bead inside the rim will then actually be easier than the first half.
Graham Dawes
Graham Dawes 11 aylar önce
Always use sunken fixings and mount it only when needed leaving the floor open. To get it back on the tyre must be in the deep part of the wheel or it is too tight, also mark where the valve is and remount there to keep some balance on the wheel. I paid £15 uk from a similar company, but it does struggle getting quad tyres off the wheel.
Wanderer Yıl önce
I think marking the tire with a chalk before removing it will save a trip to a shop for re-balancing in many case such as repairing a flat.
Florida Guy
Florida Guy Yıl önce
Great job and review on the tire & rim changer but you still need to balance the tire with weights so it don't shake the vehicle while driving on the road. Since it needs to be balanced with weights you might as well take it to the tire shop and have it all done by the professionals.
Dalton Sales
Dalton Sales 8 aylar önce
11:00 a really good tip if you can't get the bead to seat, is to take a ratchet strap and put it around the tire as though it's running down the road, and tighten up until the bead is close to touching if not already touching. Put air in until it takes and doesn't leak around the bead, then remove the ratchet strap. Have fixed many busted bead leaks on the trails or in the fields with this method.
John Alvitre
John Alvitre 9 aylar önce
Who remembers split rims. They took on a lot of the issues and worked well back in the day. just needed a cage otherwise, all manual and no fancy tools. And if you do not have enough pressure via your compressor to set the bead, there is always the roap and a spinner like a tourniquet around the tread of the tire to get the beads closer to their setting point or hairspray and a lighter, for quick volume expansion beyond a small compressor. Once it is set, you can use the compressor you have to get it to the needed pressure. Great video and I see one in my future.
Rod Jordan
Rod Jordan Yıl önce
Great Job! Impressive....particularly for less than $40...gott’a love Harbor Freight. Thank you for the great review!
DanoLXF 2 yıl önce
You always do the best no bs average Joe reviews, and thanks for that dave.
DanoLXF 2 yıl önce
@Bushradical you got it bud.
Bushradical 2 yıl önce
Thanks Dano
Joe Zyzyx
Joe Zyzyx 11 aylar önce
great tip on the hole sleeves with bottom expander on them. I think I'd get some plastic bolts to put into them when tool is removed, just to protect the holes from dirt and water.
Frank Zepeda
Frank Zepeda Yıl önce
Thanks for the video, very well made and super well explained!
Olaf Berserker
Olaf Berserker Yıl önce
for the nail ins you should put a bolt back in its place with some anti seize to keep the sets clean (from a tire tech turned facilities maintenance) it will save you a LOT of heartache in the future! Just be sure not to crank too tight because you can rip those back out of the concrete.
George Cothran
George Cothran 10 aylar önce
If move that tire away from the machine the bead breaker might just work a little better as it will be pushing a little more outward, also make you a back stop to keep the tire from sliding. Two more red heads in the floor, a piece of steel with slotted bolt holes to make it adjustable for different size tires, and weld you a piece of angle iron on the end tall enough so the tire will not slip over it.
Scott Yıl önce
I attached mine to a 4'x4' piece of 3/4" plywood when I used it. Worked ok, but mounting to the floor works much better
Chris Chernock
Chris Chernock 11 aylar önce
My kind of instructional video. Very easy to follow and understand. Nice job, Bushradical!
Jeff Hildreth
Jeff Hildreth Yıl önce
Where this machine works is on wire wheels. Mounted 6 tires on wire wheel rims on my 1964 MGB with little effort. Also, bolted mine to a pallet... somewhat portable.
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