How to Chink an Off Grid Log Cabin

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building a log cabin is a dream for millions of people around the world, but no log cabin is "complete" until its been chinked. Today we're going to chink our off grid log cabin outside of Fairbanks Alaska. I'll show you all the tools and products you'll need to get this job done and the process of applying the chink and making it look great.
Here is a link to my video "building an off-grid homestead..start to finish"

Julie Maddux
Julie Maddux Yıl önce
Hey Dave! You make that look so easy to do. I love how you make it so easy to understand with a great tutorial. Thanks for an awesome video. Take care and be safe.
Christopher 11 aylar önce
a good tutorial except where he cheaped out and only bought one bucket of wall material when he should have bought 2
Bushradical Yıl önce
You are very welcome
K C Yıl önce
I agree with Carole, it has been some time and was wondering how you all are doing. The cabin still looks wonderful and so cozy. You both did a beautiful job on it. Hope to see more videos and new developments on the new property.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Carole Goodwin
Carole Goodwin Yıl önce
Glad to see you posted a video Dave -- been missing them.
Bushcraft RU
Bushcraft RU 5 aylar önce
The river bank is a great place for serious conversations. Whatever is said, the water will carry it away. And in the forest, any word can fall into the ground and germinate years later.
Kevin’s Disobedience
Kevin’s Disobedience 9 aylar önce
Thought the same thing. I just searched for Dave after not having heard from him in awhile. It’s great to see how much he’s grown in just a couple of years! Him aNd his wife are finally getting the attention they deserve, and they haven’t change at all. Still just down to earth people living on the cheap. Love it.
Harv Dog
Harv Dog 9 aylar önce
@Bushradical QUESTION ❓ CAN I JUST USE BACKAROD and chinking ??
Harv Dog
Harv Dog 9 aylar önce
@Bushradical QUESTION ❓. Can a person stuff plenty of insulation without backrod and then use permachink ???? Does it really matter what one year to fill in before permachink goes on
Mary Hart
Mary Hart Yıl önce
Always great content, clearly explained and demonstrated! Love your work saving tips! 👏👏Thanks Dave!! Stay safe, be well and see ya next time👋👋👋
Bushradical Yıl önce
AlaskaEngineer Yıl önce
Nice job Dave... This is one of the best “how to” videos that people need to watch. Log cabins have their own special construction, care, and maintenance that most folks aren’t aware of. BTW... I drove by your old place down here about a week ago and it still looks great!
Me Yıl önce
Thanks Dave! I might be having to help my parents do this to their cabin soon, and I had no clue about any part of the process. Now I'm fully confident for when they give the green light.
Kevin Douglas
Kevin Douglas Yıl önce
Dave: You and Brook have helped push me over the edge of worrying about "roughing it". I bought 35 acres in Southern Colorado. I moved there and have been getting things a little better every day. Watching your videos keeps me focused on making this happen. Thanks :)
Back to Alaska
Back to Alaska Aylar önce
When we first built our family cabin when I was little, we used moss for the chinking. Not a good long term idea of course! I'm returning to my roots, fixing an old cabin, and was wondering how it's done these days so thank you for another great video that answers my question du jour! :)
Bret Hooyman
Bret Hooyman Yıl önce
Great to see you back! You've given me some inspiration in building our cabin in MO, and I've been missing seeing new videos from you. =)
Tyler Jackman
Tyler Jackman 5 aylar önce
Hey Dave! Your videos are so inspiring to me. Both because you’re doing what Im working towards and that you and your wife are believers as far as I can tell. I’ve been looking at places to buy some land and start living off-grid and all of these videos have given me so much insight. I’d love to say thanks in person someday but for now, thank you!
Gotdangedcommies Itellyahwat
Gotdangedcommies Itellyahwat Yıl önce
Nice video sir! I especially like your trick with inserting insulation. Also, that backer rod makes it SO much easier to caulk joints! Gives it something to adhere to on the back side as well, which will help to cut down on cracking or flaking off over the years. Tons of benefits for minimal cost.
David Jones
David Jones Yıl önce
An interesting video Dave, I have always wondered just how the logs got sealed up effectively. How long will this stuff last before it needs re-doing? David in the U.K.
Mike665 Kane
Mike665 Kane Yıl önce
Thanks for always posting such helpful videos Dave. You have definitely saved a lot of people time and money. We appreciate you buddy.
SamanthasPlummage Yıl önce
looks beautiful Dave :) Thank you for your time, encouragement and teachings.
Sean Yıl önce
Dave, thank you for the video. A question for you. Is it better to start on the outside first and then do the inside if you have limited supplies? My thought would be to keep the wind and water out from the outside first? I am an order of operations guy and had that question after the excellent tutorial.
Susan Distasio
Susan Distasio Yıl önce
Thanks for showing us this process. Got a question: how long does it take to dry or cure? Should it be done when the weather is dry for a period of time? Thanks
Karen C
Karen C Yıl önce
Very helpful video, that is such a great way to put insulation in a tight spot, sandwiching the insulation between two pieces of flashing, awesome. Also just wanted to say, I love watching yours and Brookes videos. Great work to the both of you
CareBian8000 Yıl önce
I've missed you, Dave. I never knew this. It does give the log cabin a totally finished look - super cool. Love this little cabin. You there for the Summer again?
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Yıl önce
Dave. You make it look so easy. Same as caulking. Thanks for sharing.
Bushradical Yıl önce
C.A. G.
C.A. G. Yıl önce
The cabin is lookin' good, Dave! Heard about this type of chinking on The Outsider channel, but never saw it being applied. You have had good luck with this stuff, like no cracks and longevity?
Patricia Lora
Patricia Lora Yıl önce
Dave, you have one of the best voices for narration. Love to listen to ya!
Jungle Yıl önce
I agree! Very pleasant, great sound level and down-to-earth how-to's!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Les Montgomery
Les Montgomery Yıl önce
Great video. You always do an excellent job of explaining what you're doing and why. Glad to see you back up in Alaska. I hope to get there some day myself. Until then I'll keep watching content like this. Stay safe.
Alex Kasacous
Alex Kasacous Yıl önce
Great to see another vid from you Dave. It's also good to see another way of chinking. It seems a lot of youtube videos like to show traditional mud/mortar chinking, but I would imagine that some of the modern contruction tech might have some advantages.
Cabin Dweller
Cabin Dweller Yıl önce
I agree! I started chinking with permachink last winter and there’s barely any videos on it. I definitely went trial and error! 😅
Bushradical Yıl önce
I love this last forever and its easy to work with
Angie Moore
Angie Moore Yıl önce
Glad to see a new video!! And again, another very informative video that makes us all realize that we can do anything if we put the hard work in. I'm glad you're back at the Alaska property! Will you do a "day-in-the-life" video for this property? What are y'all up to? Working this summer in AK or just enjoying AK!? Hope all is well.
Carol-Ann Trudell
Carol-Ann Trudell Yıl önce
It looks great! It's easy especially with the bucket gadget helping with clean up, Yup, I could even do it and enjoy it. God bless Dave. Informative video as usual. Definitely great way to make your cabin draft free.
Cabin Dweller
Cabin Dweller Yıl önce
Dave where was this video when I was chinking my cabin this last winter?! 😆 Anyways nice to see this now, I find your videos super useful and relevant as you’re also in cold areas. And interesting to see how you do vertical logs. I have square logs and can barely find any videos on chinking them. They’re a bit trickier as edges takes more work. Great insulation trick with the flashing!
Kevin D
Kevin D Yıl önce
Thank you, Dave, I appreciate the thorough explanation and advice as to what product to use.
Richard Turner
Richard Turner Yıl önce
glad you made this video - i've watched the rest of the series, couple of times. was the reason for waiting so long to get to this point, to allow the logs to completely shrink up as they dried?
Wowzers Yıl önce
It’s funny I found your channel just because I’m interested in off grid living/building and I started watching Alone a couple of months ago and got so excited when I saw you and Brooke on there! Kudos to you guys! You guys rock.
Lance Sundquist
Lance Sundquist 11 aylar önce
Great video Dave. You are a wonderful teacher! Love watching you and Brooke.
Adam McMillin
Adam McMillin Yıl önce
dude this is my favorite off grid channel on youtube, you explain things in so much detail that anyone can learn it
Dennis Rutter
Dennis Rutter Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing, it was very informative. You do such a good job explaining everything you do on both of your channels. Keep up the good work.
mobiltec Yıl önce
Always learning something new from you. Before I only knew about using ocra of cement. This looks pretty high tech and I love it.
Hillbilly Wisdom
Hillbilly Wisdom Yıl önce
Not surprised at all, another outstanding video and words of encouragement from Dave. Well done Sir
Hillbilly Wisdom
Hillbilly Wisdom Yıl önce
Not surprised at all, another outstanding video and words of encouragement from Dave. Well done Sir
Eddie B
Eddie B Yıl önce
I love these log cabin building tips and hope to see you and Brooke in the Upper Peninsula doing some soon!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Acrylic Art Alchemy
Acrylic Art Alchemy Aylar önce
Thanks again Dav for a great video. Quick question tho. My 10 acre block is covered in a ppine tree not native to Australia and i have permission to clear as much as i want. Could i use these pine trees to build a cabin? If so, do i have to strip the trees of their bark first?
Lars Buskkraft
Lars Buskkraft Yıl önce
Loved that trick to get insulation into tight gaps. Great cabin 👍
demo1337 10 aylar önce
I pray everyday I find the strength to live like this man. I can't imagine how satisfying it is to live like this. And I have no doubts its difficult.
Keri Price
Keri Price Yıl önce
Your officially my favorite tube star!!! Just got some Landon talkeetna and I’m excited to start my little home away from home because of your inspiring and incredibly detailed videos!! Thanks a million for encouraging my husband to pull the trigger😍
Moneypit Homestead
Moneypit Homestead Yıl önce
Good morning enjoyed your video. Log cabins are so great. I wish we would have stuck with our original plan back in the day to build a log cabin. You two have done such a great job. Have a fantastic day. Lisa @moneypit homestead
Donna Bauer of Brilliance by Dezign
Donna Bauer of Brilliance by Dezign Gün önce
Wish I had known this back in the 90’s. I chinked a big log cabin using vulcam and it was really challenging getting the vulcam out of the caulking gun.
Jim F
Jim F Yıl önce
I'm pretty sure you beat a TRpost record for saying "chink" the most in a video. At least for sure in the intro. 🙂🙂 Great practical, and inspiring video as always. Thanks. I'm hoping for about 5 years before I can get my life together again and be on an adventure in cabin building. I still don't get how those logs don't get rotten just sitting on their ends like that though.
Doe 10 aylar önce
I just found you guys and I am so excited you are in Alaska. Im in Eagle River. Ive always wanted to build little cabins. You two are an inspiration!
Carolyn Messer
Carolyn Messer Yıl önce
You do a great job of explaining the process and what you need in supplies thank you 💕❤️💕
T K Yıl önce
My wife and I always enjoy your and Brooke's videos and the information and entertainment we get from them. A while back you uploaded a video about people making excuses of not being able to do things. You mentioned about a man you saw at the "dump" in Alaska that had no legs, but yet got around and did things. On this note; when you get a chance check out the TRpostr - " Harmless Farmer " - Andy Detwiler. He is a Farmer that lives in Ohio who lost both arms in a farm accident at the age of three. He does most of the work on his farm using only his feet. Imagine changing the oil and filter in your Pickup, and only using your feet. " Harmless Farmer " does it.
VA TO AK Yıl önce
Excellent! I spent all weekend gluing 3" insulation foamboard to the inside of my block crawlspace, just a bit south of you. Nowhere near as fun as your project, but still gotta be done! Nice weather finally!!! Be safe
CHERYL T Yıl önce
Looks good Dave and nice job as well,and how often do you have to do that process, and thanks for sharing this 👍 😊...
Cowboy Geologist
Cowboy Geologist 8 aylar önce
Great job; thanks for posting. How often do you have to do this?
Savage Wolf
Savage Wolf Yıl önce
Lot of good information , I never have seen this done before.Now Dave do you have to wait a year or longer to do the chinking,so the logs dry out?
John Doe
John Doe 29 gün önce
I've watched all your videos some of them twice but this by far my favorite cabin that you've built
William Kaczmarek
William Kaczmarek Yıl önce
Good information Dave. Thanks for sharing. We've got a cabin like that in Michigan's UP and at some point, we'll be looking at doing that too.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Good luck with it!
julie shelley
julie shelley Yıl önce
Love your channel, so calming and meditative..Such an inspiration
michael zanelli
michael zanelli 8 aylar önce
Dave i would love to see your finished product more. i love the videos but i defiantly would like to see the end result more to see how it should look. keep up the good work man. ill keep tuned in!
johnny krugs
johnny krugs Yıl önce
Awesome! I’ve never seen the chinking product before, how’s it hold up to mice invasions during the change of seasons?
La negrita
La negrita 8 aylar önce
More videos like these please (you have made such a simple and simple material, thank you), greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷🍻
Safarijoe's Adventures
Safarijoe's Adventures Yıl önce
Good to see you back. You always have interesting and good information. And you make it enjoyable.
Bushradical Yıl önce
I appreciate that!
ebony5766 Yıl önce
I really look forward to your videos! Great information Dave.
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz 10 aylar önce
Your videos are always to so thorough. And, you're always so encouraging. Plus, you have a lifetime of experience, and you never come across as a know-it-all. Thanks man!
SarahBean21 11 aylar önce
I gotta say that I'm definitely going to be watching allll of your videos. I bought 24 acres deep in the woods. My land is all thick dense woods. Love your videos! I plan to make a channel and I'll definitely mention you!
FishbowlMand Yıl önce
This was like watching Bob Ross do a little cabinectomy.
martin blouin
martin blouin Yıl önce
Hey Dave, your truck's all repaired up?
Bushradical Yıl önce
Beautiful Victory
Beautiful Victory Yıl önce
Thank you Dave for another great educational video you make learning fun easy simple and comprehendible
Bushradical Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed it
Lou Davis
Lou Davis Yıl önce
Great stuff Dave! Thanks for the tips!
Question The Answers
Question The Answers Yıl önce
Brother...our whole family enjoys You and Brooke's content. Thank You 🤠 Sandwiching between the flashing is a great method. Thank You for that! I would've just tried to stuff it in with one piece. 😶
verna Reed
verna Reed Yıl önce
@Bushradical the flashing trick is amazing! You are so smart!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks.....the flashing thing has really been helpful over the years
glenna w
glenna w Yıl önce
Nice job. Thanks for the instructions. What did the pioneers use for this job?
Davis Kring
Davis Kring 6 aylar önce
I'm wanting to follow your suggestion for a stockade style build. We don't have a lot of sizable trees on my property. I was wondering if you would alternate tops and bottoms of cut logs along the wall or if it made any difference?
Alice Fink
Alice Fink Yıl önce
Thats awesome, thank you for the video Dave. Now i know how they get those log cabins to look so neatly assembled. Lol
Sara MacKinara
Sara MacKinara Yıl önce
I’m so glad you are back with another awesome video for us! Been watching for a new one :)
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Sara
Joe & Haley Quesnel
Joe & Haley Quesnel Yıl önce
Always appreciate your vast plethora of knowledge. Great video!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Much appreciated!
verna Reed
verna Reed Yıl önce
You sure do a good job!! And you really have patience!! I get impatient with those tedious jobs!! Such a cozy nice-looking cabin!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Garden Jen's Journey
Garden Jen's Journey Yıl önce
Awesome video. You explain things so well.
berhorst59 Yıl önce
Great tips/advice, as usual. Thanks!
Bushradical Yıl önce
My pleasure!
Nelvengun Yıl önce
We know it's a good day when Dave upload a new video
Bill Clement
Bill Clement Yıl önce
Dave great work you make it look easy !
scott staggert
scott staggert Yıl önce
Good to see you again Dave hope you and Brooke are well been missing you both !
Donald Music
Donald Music 6 aylar önce
This is pretty cool. I used to watch your cheap guitar videos, and halfway through watching you build the cabin,I thought, "this dude surely does look familiar " lol Great job. Just subscribed
paulmcdonald1968 Yıl önce
Our scouts really like watching you work and learning how to creatively solve problems.
Theodore Haggard
Theodore Haggard Yıl önce
I been missing you two GREAT to see you again !!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Jane Evans
Jane Evans Yıl önce
Good to see you posted Bushy 😁 & tricks taken on board, not as though I've any requirements for a log cabin in the UK but that trick with the insulation could be very useful for many a area 👍. Great vlog.
stargirl1love Yıl önce
Hi Dave. So glad to see you posted a new video. Thanks for the info. Keep up the great work.
Bushradical Yıl önce
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