Nick's Boots Review

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Today we'll take a close look at Nick's Handmade Boots. I've always struggled with poor fitting boots and foot pain and I hoped to finally get a great great fit and a bomb-proof boot that will last for years.
Here is the link to Nick's Handmade Boots TRpost channel...
Here is the link to Nick's Boots ( website) 10% off deal
Here is the link to the (ROSE ANVIL) TRpost channel's review of the Nick's Builder Pro Boots

Wade Patton
Wade Patton Yıl önce
Been wearing Nick's since 2005. I bought two pairs in about a year. I still wear those two pairs most of the time. They've both been resoled once or twice and could use an overhaul. They're still my front line work boots. I have a newer pair that hardly gets worn--save them for when I need "nicer boots" or a thicker sole. I highly recommend the Honey Vibram sole if you're on hard surfaces a lot. I won't have them with anything else anymore. Takes months to break them in and also--if you've just got one pair and work long hours, you'll need a boot dryer. Otherwise the stitching can rot out--as it did on a friend of mine who works super long hours and wearing only one pair. Alternating pairs works too. Leather needs time or help dissipating our perspiration. Also wool socks are mandatory for good work boot performance, comfort, and freedom from odors. I never have any sort of foot odor when wearing wool socks in leather. The same feet can get stinky fast in cotton socks in any sort of footwear. Wool is simply too important to overlook if you need a solid foundation with best comfort.
Wade Patton
Wade Patton 4 aylar önce
@James Gatz Yes I'm glad you are happy. I get many resoles from my Nicks and I'll stick to them because I know what sort of abuse they can take first hand. The break-in is part of the price of admission. Thanks all the same.
James Gatz
James Gatz 4 aylar önce
@Wade Patton I digress Mine have been amazing with wear every single day. Good boots don’t need to be a battle to break in. And there are plenty of people wearing JK’s that can say the same with theirs lasting just as long as any other boot.
Wade Patton
Wade Patton 4 aylar önce
@James Gatz Nicks take a while. I was considering JK's for a bit, but there's just no way they'll hold up like Nicks with such a super fast break in and they're practically the same money. With all the options I selected my next pair is 635, plus 30 for the accessories package. Thanks for your input.
James Gatz
James Gatz 4 aylar önce
months to break in? i dont think it should take months. My Jk's were feeling amazing in less than a week.
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. 7 aylar önce
Thanks for your testimony! I’ll probably nick a couple of Nick’s soon.
Millennial Housewife
Millennial Housewife 9 aylar önce
I sold boots 8 years at a western store. And I also helped folks with ordering their handmade boots and walked them through the process and have designed three pairs of my own! I absolutely love this boot review!! It is so Genuine and accurate. An all leather boot will give you the best custom fit because it will conform to your feet. And I have been so passionate about fitting people and have them so glad, surprised, relieved to actually have a boot that fits them! Attention to detail matters and the most important part of a boot are the hands that built them.
john howard
john howard 7 aylar önce
Hi M.H. ....WOW
Bushradical 7 aylar önce
Thanks MH! I totally agree
Ima Doll
Ima Doll 9 aylar önce
Always love a woman who is into leather. 😝
Go Smooth Go Light
Go Smooth Go Light Yıl önce
Second time through this video ... and I agree. Any US company putting out consistent quality stuff deserves my support. My Filson Mackinaw Cruiser is being shipped this week, and I'm planning to make a set of Nick's my next major equipment investment. Thanks for the review, Dave! See you down the road ... God Bless y'all :)
Alex Kasacous
Alex Kasacous Yıl önce
I always value honest reviews that are not just an unboxing advertisement. Thanks for taking the time and effort to tell the whole experience of investing in high quality work boots.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks. I appreciate that!
AltTab Yıl önce
Now that Bushradical has cut apart a boot, Roseanvil has to build an off grid cabin. Two of my favorites on TRpost are crossing over.
Christopher Studley
Christopher Studley 8 aylar önce
Great stuff ! 👏
angela nadeau
angela nadeau Yıl önce
@Aaron Johnson I watch them👍
Bushradical Yıl önce
LOL. I really love what that guy does. Its so interesting to see whats really going on
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Yıl önce
I always appreciate your honest reviews Dave. I’m with you, the older I get, the more important it is to take care of our feet. I would be interested to hear your opinion and impressions after a year or so of regular wear. My current favorite pair of boots were made by Wesco (family owned and operated in Scappoose, OR). I have been wanting to try a pair of Nick’s.
Onion Head
Onion Head Yıl önce
I was always told by a physician there’s two things you never go cheap on. A mattress because your on it 8 hours a day and good comfortable rest is vital for your health and good quality comfortable, supportive shoes because you’re feet need to last a lifetime so you better take care of them to help you remain mobile and pain free.
Nick Hearn
Nick Hearn 6 aylar önce
These type of boots can weaken your feet. I started wearing whites boots a year ago and I now have an over-pronated right foot. The arch support and stiff leather around the ankle weaken your foot and ankle muscles.
Wookie Jesus of Nazareth, Kashyyyk
Wookie Jesus of Nazareth, Kashyyyk Yıl önce
Ironically the cheapest mattress I ever bought was about $280 and it's the best mattress I've ever slept on. It's been perfect for about 5 years so far and it's already beaten how long the $1000 mattress I had before it lasted before I felt less comfortable. When it gets worn out I'm buying another one for sure. I have a $150 pair of Doc Martins I've been wearing nearly 5 days a week for over 15 years. Best shoes I've ever owned.
CJ cj
CJ cj Yıl önce
Ain't that the truth!🤠👍
Onion Head
Onion Head Yıl önce
@Nick F. 😂 Perfect quote. 👍
Nick F.
Nick F. Yıl önce
I heard in an ad once: "Buy a good mattress and a good pair of shoes, because if you're not in one, you're in the other!" The ad wasn't actually for either, I think. Life insurance maybe.
Luke FITT Yıl önce
Great review, Dave. I love when I find a product that’s really good it makes you want to share it with others so everyone can benefit from it. Keep up the good work. I’ve also been enjoying your other channel as well!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Luke
Beautiful Victory
Beautiful Victory Yıl önce
I never thought I would be so in love with a boot review but you covered all bases. I am so glad you went ahead and did this review because my husband is Indian from India and his feet are very very narrow and small and we could never find a boot or a shoe to fit him properly even $200 shoes we have spent only for them to be destroyed within a month. I am definitely going to reach out to Nick's I am so willing to spend $500 if it means my husband will have a comfortable shoe that will not be destroyed in a month.
Bushradical Yıl önce
good luck. I hope it works out well for you both
De'Jon Small
De'Jon Small Yıl önce
Great video Dave. IO learned how to correctly lace up my boots. I'm retired so I can't use work boots, but I saw that Nick's make motorcycle boots as well. Hell I'd be a fool not to try Nick's...
B. Stone
B. Stone 9 aylar önce
Nice video! I bought my first pair of pretty decent boots, I got the Whites Perry moctoe boot. I have had them for a few months and I have had the same experience with the leather forming to my foot. They felt too small at first, but now they fit my foot perfectly. Gotta love a real pair of boots!!
ChocolateMudCake Yıl önce
Hey Dave, Thanks for that mate. We need more unbiased, genuine coverage of 'par exellence' products that will last. The best to both of you.
Matt's firewood videos
Matt's firewood videos Yıl önce
I'm about a month into breaking in my builder pro boots and they are honestly the most comfortable boot I've ever owned and they are really durable for sure
Brendan Dyer
Brendan Dyer Yıl önce
Thanks for the video! I’m a welder by trade and I am currently waiting for my try on boots. All these TRpost videos help to ease the pain of waiting for my custom boots 😁. In my opinion the $500-600 price tag is a steal for the level of craftsmanship that goes in to these boots
Bushradical Yıl önce
No joke. If I knew how to build boots I think I would charge more than $500 for that much work
TX1 Hawkins
TX1 Hawkins Yıl önce
Great video! I’m a very tough customer when it comes to poor materials and poor quality. I have two pairs of Nick’s boots. One pair for everything to the zombie apocalypse to just cutting some firewood. And another for dress boots for work. The thing that I feared most was the “break-in” that so many said was painful. Thankfully for me I didn’t experience anything near being painful. Nick’s boots are the best made highest quality materials in any boot at any price I have owned. And remember if you wear the sole out then send the boots back to Nick’s and they will refurbish, so the price actually does justify cost of ownership. Thanks again for the video!!!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Lonnie Chartrand
Lonnie Chartrand Yıl önce
Hey Dave, thanks for the video pertaining to Nick's boots. Just a FYI. Take a look at J.K. Boots, also out of Spokane. I went with them because they did a CUSTOM FIT from the very beginning of the process. I have lymphedema in my lower legs and makes for a very swollen instep, which is a permanent issue. Not a temporary one. As with Nick's Boots, the leather is very heavy and the boot is well constructed. You start out with a phone call to the actual boot cobbler. Then you trace out your foot outline AND take numerous measurements around various parts of your foot and lower leg. You have all the options to choose from, same as Nick's. They made my boots with a custom instep, lace to toe, and modified tongue so that I could actually get my foot into the boot. It takes about six weeks to have the boots made and delivered. My boots cost me $630, and as you said, WAS WORTH EVERY CENT!!!!!! And I am not afraid to admit that I actually cried like a baby when I put these boots on because it was the first time in over TWENTY YEARS that I was able to wear a boot that FIT! Prior to this pair I was wearing boots that were several sizes too big and still difficult to put on. And I spent those twenty years in the outdoors doing utility work. So......not trying to take away from Nick's Boots, but to quantify what you are saying in that spending $500 to $600 on a HANDMADE BOOT is worth it! No matter WHO makes the boots!!!
Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler Yıl önce
Those boots look really nice and those logger styles really break in and work great if you are prone to twisted ankles. Nice review man.
Erium 6 aylar önce
I owned several sets of Ariat cowboy boots, I think I have worn through 4 sets of the Ariats total, and the worst I've ever had to break in was a set of black pointed toe boots that just felt like a vise on my feet for about 3 days. Then they were fantastic! I can tell Nicks does good stuff as their leatherwork does have that "tack" look you want from high quality leather gear. Nice stuff.
johnny krugs
johnny krugs Yıl önce
Awesome review. I have about 21 years in construction boots, all kinds of work and thats probably 2 pairs a year. The Nick's are something to consider.
Daniel James
Daniel James Yıl önce
Smiled the whole time watching this. Lol. Can so relate to the amazing knowledge of this discovery and wanting to preach it to the masses. Another ambassador, cheers brother!
Swamp Fox
Swamp Fox Yıl önce
The older I get, the worse my feet hurt. Looks like I need to give Nick's Boots a try. Thanks for the great review!
Kevin West
Kevin West Yıl önce
Glad to see you invested! Breaking in my second set of hnw lasted Alaskan smokejumpers so that I can send the first set in for resole. Make up a spray bottle of 50:50 rubbing alcohol and water and spray the tight spots. My 2000 White’s boots are still going. The red star soles that are fire resistant do not do well on rock. They can chunk out. Better to go with the original Vibram sole. Great review. You did your audience and nicks right.
Michael Malanowski
Michael Malanowski 4 aylar önce
Hell yeah !! Gonna be looking into these boots, I'm a finicky foot shopper and I always tell my wife that you can't put a price on comfort... especially when you're on your feet for more than half the day. Thank you !
william wilson
william wilson Yıl önce
Sweet review. I plan on using your link to order a pair my self. Been wanting to get a pair of Nicks for a while. It’s like a breath of fresh air seeing these boots reviewed by a real man that’s actually does work. There are endless reviews of them by hipsters who don’t actually use boots for actual work.
Thomas Light
Thomas Light 7 aylar önce
That is a quality looking boot, may have to try those. I've worn Carolina loggers for 20 years now. They're good on concrete, comfortable with a pair of gel or foam insoles and last a very long time. Same upper, same heel and shank. Great climbing boot and if anyone can't afford the Nick's, Carolina loggers are damn close! Not certain of any others as I've stuck with the loggers but the boots you disassembled are shameful, not gonna ask where they're made. The Carolinas are made here in an old factory in PA, I was in the factory a while back and it's quite impressive with the old barn type beams. Just a heads up for someone who can't get those and want something close. Love the videos!
Campfire Bear
Campfire Bear Yıl önce
Nice boots, may have to save for a pair. I work in the oil field and get a pair a year or $150 a year allowance but I can’t save that up. My last 3 pair have been red wing and I just pay the extra $100 out of my own pocket (bout $250 a pair) they have been mostly good but definitely no on the same level as Nick’s. Thanks for the info, love your content!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Campfire Bear
Nospacebetweenwords Yıl önce
Good angles, on feet review, different perspectives. That´s how a boot review is made.
Large Marge
Large Marge Yıl önce
I watched the entire video. [ applause ] I enjoyed your enthusiasm. I appreciate your cuts into changes of scene and background, and the action B-roll shots at the barn tear-down. Thumbs UP!
bob smith
bob smith Yıl önce
I got a pair of builder pros 3 months ago. So far so good. Anyone intimidated by the break in should take it with a grain of salt. I didn’t find them to be a particularly tough break in.
MARK SPENCER 2 aylar önce
Thanks for this. Absolutely, my feet are worth it. I also have a pair of Chippewa boots that I bought because of USA made, but they are really bad and after 9 months, the sole is separating after even light duty use at work. Nick's on my list for my next pair of boots.
Kartik Chary
Kartik Chary Yıl önce
Best review I've seen so far, makes that purchase decision so much easier. Thank you
StealthNinja4577 5 aylar önce
From my experience the generic cheapo sneaker that costs 20 bucks has always fit well and was comfortable. I got a brand name pair once and I couldn't fathom the amount of pain my knees were in. After a month I just went to the store and got some cheapos and the pain went away. Got a pair of work boots and not having any idea of what's a good boot my supervisor recommended the pair he had. After a month or so whatever cushion they had was gone and even though I wasn't walking much in them the pain was back. The boot truck came around and I got a new set and it was night and day.
Keeno saabi
Keeno saabi Yıl önce
congratulations on your new boots!!!! i have to say i learned this lesson way earlier than you. i got home from viet nam in 1971, i came back crazy, and had to live apart from normal folks.i spent 2 years in the bwca, i suffered with bad, cheap boots because i didn't know better and didn't have any friends to enlighten me with a better solution. when i got back into town, i found a book called "the complete walker" by colin fletcher. it changed my life regarding my feet. i haven't worn cheap ill fitting boots or shoes since. when i got work in the woods in oregon a few years later; i invested in 2 pairs of boots, the first was a pair of westco's i bought locally, when i got a few paychecks ahead i ordered my custom white brothers (also out of spokane). i found my nick's in 2017 at the filson outlet store, they are a black oil tanned leather in 9.5 d. i knew when i bought them they would last me the rest of my life, but i don't have far to go.....thanks for reading and enjoy your new boots. :)
Daniel Skorich
Daniel Skorich Yıl önce
Dave, One of most important things I've found out about foot comfort is....the right kind of socks! That's where it begins. Thanks for a great review - Dan from Saginaw, Minnesota 🌲🌲🌲
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Dan
Sandra Thomson
Sandra Thomson Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing your appreciation for a great American company. We need more companies doing this and people like you sharing with us. I'm frugal also and appreciate a good product. Those are some nice looking boots. Brooke had talked about them and I chuckled when you got to the heal part. She's loves your height😁 Keep up the good work Dave. In my thoughts and prayers. God Bless y'all ✌❤😁
Bushradical Yıl önce
Casey P
Casey P Yıl önce
When I got my pair of Nicks, they were great to deal with, and boots were well worth the money. Also, worth a drive to their Spokane sales floor is you are close by.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Yıl önce
Great review of what's a good buy and what's garbage out there. Thanks for sharing! Too much garbage products out there being pawned off as "Quality Products".
Off Grid Archery
Off Grid Archery Yıl önce
Your comments comparing what we spend on inferior boots, even in a couple of years versus the $500 price tag for quality boots that will last sure resonates with me. I am hard on boots, hunting and hiking the Wilderness and working on timber stand improvements at my place. In the last year I have bought (and been disappointed by) Ariats, Irish Setters, Keens, and Under Armor. Could’ve bought this nice pair and had them nicely broken in by now. Thanks for taking time to do this video right! Consider me educated! -OG Archer
Phil Flintknapper57
Phil Flintknapper57 3 aylar önce
Thanks for the video Dave. Glad you got some good boots, hopefully the next pair will be precisely the right long term fit. I also value your link to 'Rose Anvil'. Being an Aussie, I of course checked to see if he reviewed Redbacks, Blundstone ('Blunnies') and RM Williams boots. He did and I found those reviews helpful (He seems to like Redbacks). Perhaps you can comment on the old serviceman's quick breakin trick - you soak the boots in water, put em on, and wear them until they are dry. Brutal, but effective.
MartinStar 3 aylar önce
Effective? Yes. Very bad for the leather? Yes. I suggest you rather use oils like Obenaufs oil. Makes the leather soft and supple while conditioning it..
Sandy Rinaldi
Sandy Rinaldi Yıl önce
Boots are always a problem with my small foot. So glad to learn more. Yes this is important, cost is not even up there with fit!
Brian Pite0
Brian Pite0 Yıl önce
I wish I knew about nick's before I retired. Now I'm sticking to sneakers and sandals . I also was suckered in by chippewas many times. This was a very thorough review. Thanks
Stan Yıl önce
What an eye opener on the boots you took apart !! I still have some USA made Red Wings that were my favorite work boot when I worked before retiring. I had them resoled a few years ago .(free resoling) and they'll last me until I don't need them. Thanks for a great video Dave !!
assfacetheclown29 7 aylar önce
I have a pair of red wing iron rangers and they changed my perspective on what makes a good boot
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Stan
John Livingston
John Livingston Yıl önce
Thanks for a straightforward report of a great quality American made boots. I hope they stay true to their claim to fame and not be sold to the cheap chineseium labor force for profit like the rest.
Rudy O
Rudy O Yıl önce
I feel the same about my red wing boots. Hell to break in, but now they fit like a glove even after about 15+ yrs of duty. Great review "
Bushradical Yıl önce
JK Saw Shop
JK Saw Shop Yıl önce
I’ve been in a pair of Nick’s boots for over a year, they still look great. The fit just keeps getting better.
JK Saw Shop
JK Saw Shop 7 aylar önce
@David Still the best investment I ever made.
David 7 aylar önce
It’s hard to wear the new off them but they are getting there.
Yeenosaur Yıl önce
While you're in the market for good footwear check out darn tough vermont socks. I bought 2 pairs about 2 months ago and they're all I wear every day and they haven't shown any signs of use PLUS they have a forever warranty!
Justin Dixon
Justin Dixon Yıl önce
Great video, with that heel they kind of remind me of “jungle boots” which I always had a hard time with. I need something with a lower heel, but other than that they look like amazing boots. I’m gonna check out the website and see what options they have. Thanks again D Whip, you never fail to explain thoroughly the point you are trying to get across.
Justin Dixon
Justin Dixon Yıl önce
@John Wen thanks man, appreciate the information I will check into it.
John Wen
John Wen Yıl önce
Nick's also build boots with a regular block heel so you don't need to get one with the higher, aka logger, heel. The ones with the logger heel offers higher arch support....
Neco Valentino
Neco Valentino Yıl önce
Thank you so much for this review. I have been wearing Rockies for years and believe they are a great boot for me. But after seeing this review and the construction I’m SOLD. Also makes me really want to rip apart my Rockies to see what’s inside. But I have had them for over 8 years strong and don’t want to know that answer. THANK YOU AGAIN!
Bushradical Yıl önce
if they last 8 years they cant be that bad .
Oleg Mamontov
Oleg Mamontov Yıl önce
Dave, thanks a lot !!! I was eyeballing the set of classis RedWings but now I am not sure. I defiantly believe in your logic that sometimes it's just good enough, but when it comes to boots - spend double on the great pare once and they will last you 5 times as long. When COVID F&*&ks off i defiantly going for a drive to visit Nick, i am only couple hour ride, just on the other side of the boarder by Vancouver BC.
ginger ehrhardt
ginger ehrhardt Yıl önce
This was one of my favorite videos. I'm from the Spokane area and have driven past Nick's Boots. I can't afford them now, but someday, I'll own a pair.
My YouTube account
My YouTube account 11 aylar önce
Thank you, Sir. I enjoyed watching this. Not that many companies nowadays care about their customers. Most just try to scam you. We should vote with our money and support the honest businesses.
Nate Welch
Nate Welch Yıl önce
Great to see some new videos on here again! I always enjoy watching your videos Dave. You mentioned a Saw Mill. Will we get to see a video on that? My father and I have been looking at getting one for our land for a couple months now. Seems like everywhere we look though wouldn't be shipping until several months after ordering.
Bushradical Yıl önce
I bought that mill last winter ( used) I should have a video shot soon
Will23 23
Will23 23 Aylar önce
Great review! Nicks are above every else out there. I’m a Red Wing Heritage guy and just got into Nicks and wow! Your explanation about the money spent in a cheaper pair of Boots vs spending it on something better at the beginning makes total sense. My Red Wing Iron Ranger were $350 + tax and i had to resole it in 2 years for $240 ($590) and the leather isn’t as thick as the Nicks and the construction is different. Those Chippewa boots are terrible.
wyomarine 23 gün önce
Been wearing Whites since 1976, I've had about 4 pr of Smokejumpers, 1 pr custom packers, and 1 pr of Nicks corked loggers. The key to breaking them in is soaking them before you put them on for the day. Fill with warm water for about 5 min, tip over and drain for 1/2 hour. Put on a nice pair of quality wool boot socks and then put on the wet boots, lace up snugly. Wear them all day as you would normally. Do this for several days and your boots will form to your feet, or suffer for a few months. Periodically rinse your boots with warm water and some baking soda to kill the salt from foot sweating too. I'm still wearing a pr of Whites I bought in '96 and had rebuilt 5 yrs ago. They will last if you take care of them.
Don Peterson
Don Peterson Yıl önce
Great video! I totally agree, it took me years to finally decide to pull the trigger on my first pair of Nicks boots. After going through the fitting process, and getting my boots, I am amazed that Nicks can provide such great service and awesome product for such a reasonable price. I now have two pair of Nicks boots 10" Builder Pro's and 6" Roberts. They are my favorite footwear of all time.
Ellen Nelson
Ellen Nelson Yıl önce
Thank you for your review! As a gal that wears a 9 1/2 EE this means a lot! I will check these out!
Todd Hallowell
Todd Hallowell Yıl önce
Nice review. I have 3 pairs and a fourth on the way. I wear them for everything. Just an FYI your kilties are laced into the boot incorrectly. Correcting that will allow a better more snug fit.
stephend50 Yıl önce
I typically wear a 14. I'm breaking in a pair of Nick's Falcons in 13E. They're awesome
Wolf Bisbing
Wolf Bisbing Yıl önce
Dave I’m so glad you made this video. I have the same issues with boots. Thank you so much for putting this out. Look forward to more videos.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Glad it was helpful!
Clayton L. Covell
Clayton L. Covell Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing. I'm almost 60 yrs old & my feet are a train wreck. I will be checking into Nick's very soon. Got the link & read some other comments. THANK YOU!!
xjo2hx2442x 8 aylar önce
I understand where you’re coming from! I usually wear a 12D, but decided to go with a 12C because I, like you and most others, did my research about the fit and knew that they break in to about one width larger than normal. 12D was perfect right out of the box so I knew if I went with a 12C it would break in perfect and keep my foot nice and snug. Mind you I live South Florida, about an hour north of Miami so my sock of choice is the foxrivers that I wore in the army. Not much cushion from the socks but they are thicker and wick mote than your average cotton sock. I do not work in these boots so I can’t say that my boot is 100% broken in after 6 months of owning them and only wearing them on the weekend but one thing I did to help the break in process was to wear them around the house like a pair of slippers lol. However, I will be purchasing some that look exactly like yours for my job (new construction plumbing) redwings have done me well but it’s time I step up my work boots and get a forever pair that will last me a lifetime! Great review!
Bushradical 7 aylar önce
good luck. Thanks
Rod Bennett aka kampzite
Rod Bennett aka kampzite Yıl önce
Nice! I have been wearing "Redwing" boots over 40 years. They used to be made in America, but the last pair "Kraft Foods" 😁 bought for me were made in China. I've been retired almost four years and will soon have to spend my own money on my next pair. It's good to know there is still an AMERICAN company I can purchase from.
Jericho Salazar
Jericho Salazar 7 aylar önce
@Tim Hall I live in the city and question myself getting Logger heel Thorogood boots for casual wear since they look pretty "rock and roll". I got them thinking I'd return them for a more basic heel but I love em. Redwing did leave a bad taste when I got some for work and found out that they have an import line but still charged a premium price, those broke down way too fast.
Tim Hall
Tim Hall 7 aylar önce
Thorogood boots are better than redwing and USA made.Last for many years
Robert Proctor
Robert Proctor 5 aylar önce
Well Dave, I've liked just about every video of yours since I discovered your channel. I tried a couple of rose anvil suggestions but were burned 295 dollars later. I don't have 500 dollars for maybe good boots but I can usually dig up 100 for a pair of Rock Roosters. I'd love it if you gave them a try for comparisons sake. Keep up with the awesome content, Rob
Bushradical 4 aylar önce
I've heard that people like those.....The problem with me is fit.
Cami Cri
Cami Cri Yıl önce
Wow! That's crazy! What junk for $200! Thanks for sharing! My philosophy was always this: if you don't spend the money on quality shoes that is comfortable for your feet, you will pay much more for a foot doctor! If your shoes don't fit right you are can be pretty but not worth it!
Brian Laesser
Brian Laesser Yıl önce
Totally agree Dave! I've walked on dairy brick for 21 years and it is absolutely a MUST for good boots. Glad you spent the cash brother.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Julie Maddux
Julie Maddux Yıl önce
Thanks for that review Dave. I have to admit I was a little shocked when you tore apart those Chippewa's and then hearing the price you pay for them. Take care.
Bushradical Yıl önce
no joke
Josh Meyer
Josh Meyer 10 aylar önce
Great video! I'm getting ready to order my first set of Nick's moving up from Redwing.
Angela Christle
Angela Christle 11 aylar önce
Impressive video! Obviously beautifully made American made boots! Sickened me to see what that other high priced boot was really made of!
Isaiah Yıl önce
This is the only channel i watch product reviews on, they are always relevant and I trust your judgement. Thanks Dave!
Eric Kirn
Eric Kirn Yıl önce
Great video Brother! My Traveler's in the Wicket & Craig burgundy just shipped today after a 20 week wait!! I am stoked to get them! I have a pair of Bison's that Carl M. was in Collab with Nick's that I have been wearing for 7 months, and I can say that the Bison leather is my all time favorite leather so far! But man that burgundy is sweet as well!! I have to have the Vibram 2021 crepe sole as a heel just kills my back to work in. How do you like the "Honey Vibram" sole? I understand it is a much softer sole? Thanks Again Brother!
Frank Brannigan
Frank Brannigan Yıl önce
I’ve been looking at these boots for a little while now. Like you’ve said in one of your other videos about priorities. I know what I need and I’m putting money away for a set of these boots. I love your honesty and appreciate your videos. Stay safe my friend, and thank you for the video.
Bushradical Yıl önce
D22 Williams.22
D22 Williams.22 Yıl önce
They remind me of logger boots that were made in the northwest 40-plus years ago. White's logger boots. Great boots. The old saying was, YOU don't break them in, they break you in." Their steel shank saved my foot. I was cutting lodge pole all day. When I got home, and took off my boots, there was a 2 inch long and 1 1/2 inch deep gash in the arch of my left boot. Right down to the steel shank. I had NO earthly idea when or how my chain saw did that. But sure glad I had the right pair of boots.
AoToGo Yıl önce
The quality of these boots is matched by the quality of the review and video, good one Dave.😀👍
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks 👍
Bluejeans Yıl önce
Thanks. Use to be a believer in Chippewa boots but after seeing this video my mind has been changed. Great video. 👍🇺🇸
F4LLEN DEITY 7 aylar önce
New subscriber here. Great video and review. I am all about supporting a smaller business and love that they are located in a small town in WA. They are out of my price range but if that ever changes I will give them a solid look.
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips Yıl önce
Really thorough treatment, Dave -- thanks! But it is perhaps a trifle inaccurate to say Chippewa boots are direct competitors of Nick's . . . the former are just fine for those who sit and ride more than they stand and walk . . . but if a pair of Nick's were treated like that, only your heirs would have any chance of breaking them in!
Bushradical Yıl önce
God point
Jeff Strongman
Jeff Strongman 9 aylar önce
Great review. No doubt one heck of a nice boot. However, the days in which I can say I've had an extra $550 to spend on myself are few and far between. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the will remain a luxury item that's just out of reach.
Bushradical 9 aylar önce
I felt the same way. Thats a lot of money....but I needed something that lasts and fits. Ive been nearly crippled by boots before
Sharon Katope
Sharon Katope 7 aylar önce
Thanks for pointing me back to Nick's Boots. I checked them out about a year or so back and forgot about them. Will look at what they offer now.
Luckys Lair
Luckys Lair Yıl önce
I had a pair of Chippiwa mountaineering boots back in the mid 1980's while in the Army, they were great. But that company has gone downhill, and aren't anything like they should be anymore. I bought a pair of Nicks Hotshot firefighting boots around 2006, they're amazingly tough
LUKY GUY 10 aylar önce
I'll say I have Chippewa loggers that I really liked. Unfortunately, I kicked through the toe until the steel toe popped out through the massive hole. And the sole wore down pretty quick. I do think Chippewas are pretty good. But honestly I just wear cowboy boots all the time anyway. Hate laces.
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