breaking camp for winter at our remote off-grid wilderness property

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Time to break camp. With winter on the way and temps dropping below freezing, its time to get our wall tent taken down at our remote, off grid wilderness camp in the backwoods of upper Michigan. This is a good opportunity to take a look at the camp as it comes apart and see way the tent is dismantled, the outhouse is shored up against heavy snow and the well is made ready for freezing temp.

Girl in the Woods
Girl in the Woods Yıl önce
I could hang out with him allllll day... oh wait. 24 years baby! yee ha
Angela Christle
Angela Christle 5 aylar önce
The two of you are fabulous individuals! And you’re even better together! Glad you have each other!
Georgette Wood
Georgette Wood 8 aylar önce
A Keeper.....
Tuck Smith
Tuck Smith Yıl önce
I could hangout with both of you all
Thomas Daily
Thomas Daily Yıl önce
You guys are awesome.
Ahhh Yıl önce
I envy you so, Brooke. I'd so love to be remote and be off grid. But to have a husband who can build and do as much as you guys do....DREAM LIFE!
Q-Bin Tom
Q-Bin Tom Yıl önce
There is just something so relaxing / tranquil about your videos. Thanks for sharing and giving us a peek into your lifestyle. May God continue to bless you and Brooke and all that y’all do.
Lisa M Drake
Lisa M Drake Yıl önce
Yes!! Super cool relaxing voice and his music is tops!!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thank you so much!
Greg's Travels
Greg's Travels Yıl önce
My wishes and dreams have been realized through both of your channels. Thank you both for another year of outdoor experiences. Winter months have a whole new set of challenges. I travel with my 20 ft. travel trailer and truck and with each new year I look for an area to settle. Two more years should have it. Ive learned much from you both A sincere thanks from me to you.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Greg
Mary Reed
Mary Reed Yıl önce
Yes, that table is awesome! Y'all are awesome and I'll look forward to setting it back up again 😊 Thank you for sharing your experiences! I've told Brooke many times how much these mean to me. I always feel like I'm right there and it makes me so happy❤️👏🏻❤️☺️
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Mary
Jerry Bowman
Jerry Bowman Yıl önce
Never thought I would enjoy watching someone clean there campsite but this video was great.
American Axe & Tool Co
American Axe & Tool Co Yıl önce
Lol I agree
Kris Gschwend
Kris Gschwend Yıl önce
Sarah Layne
Sarah Layne Yıl önce
I second your comment!
Paul Suprono
Paul Suprono Yıl önce
Preparing one's departure today . . . will make one happy, and smile/remoniss . . . tomorrow !
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks...I have a couple videos on digging holes....LOL
Cathy Remchuk
Cathy Remchuk Yıl önce
Love the video Dave! You and Brooke make such a great team. I remember when Brooke surprised you the first time you went there. It's been so enjoyable following you guys...hardest working couple. My husband and I worked together on many builds back in the day...they were the best days of my life!!! Thanks again Dave..take care!!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Cathy
Jim Weiss
Jim Weiss Yıl önce
You are one very cool guy. Absolutely love your perspective and the way you approach and enjoy life. All the best to you and Brooke. You guys are really great people!
oriana fisher
oriana fisher Yıl önce
Love watching you both working together, I always learn something new and interesting every time. Stay safe Dave and Brooke 🌞 you've described my northern Ontario winters, we love visiting northern Michigan, st. Ignace, Petoskey, Traverse City, and all the little communities in between 💕
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks 👍 We love Ontario too!
C. G
C. G Yıl önce
I'm going to miss this camp. You and Brooke are an amazing couple , I really enjoy watching you both. Your wife has an amazing great energy.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks 👍
James Graham
James Graham Yıl önce
breaking camp always comes with two emotions, sadness and excitement. Sad that this trip has too end and the anticipation of getting to do it again. Until next time, remember all that occurred. Thanks for spending time with us!
Dawn Mendes
Dawn Mendes Yıl önce
love you guys keep making the people open their eyes to the world around them. It all starts with one person and then gets better
Nat Uralist
Nat Uralist Yıl önce
Brooke sure knows how to add the homely touch, I love that table it's so charming. Looking forward to the next season now and the outings of the snow machines
Michael Funk
Michael Funk Yıl önce
Nat Uralist isn’t it perfect the way it works and stores for travel, should I have said packs for I screen shot it. I’ll make one after hunting season table and bench.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Donald Gough
Donald Gough Yıl önce
Think your looking for HOMEY touch. Warm.. not ugly= homely = ugly lol. Homey.. not be taken for HOMIE.. than brook went hood yo.
AoToGo Yıl önce
Recently discovered your channels, loving the films. A very merry Xmas to you and Brooke, hope 2021 brings all you both wish for. Cheers from the UK.
TOBES Yıl önce
🥰. I love these two. Wow! What an amazing life in nature. 🌲 ☀️ 🏕 🌙 🔥
Millie Pankow
Millie Pankow Yıl önce
Thanks for letting me watch an enjoyable video of a part of a life I would have loved when I was younger. One thing I love about Brooke and you is that both of you are hard workers.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Mama Myrt
Mama Myrt Yıl önce
I just came across this channel and your wifes channel. I have watched a few videos, the one thing that stands out is how "Clean" both channels seem to be, No swearing, no smoking, no alcohol. And good Clean fun! AND I heard her pray before breakfast. Both channels are truly Family friendly. Thank you!
debbie collins
debbie collins Yıl önce
Loved seeing all the beautiful scenery in this episode. Great job Dave and Brooke. Are you going to share the video of your Alaska shut down also? Would love to see how things go in Alaska. Sending love all the way from VA.❤️
Bushradical Yıl önce
I was only in Alaska for 6 weeks this year.....Brooke went up for 2
CareBian8000 Yıl önce
I Love when you two collab on a Video!! You work so well together - each knowing what has to be done and just trusting the other in the process. Such an enjoyable Video, Thank you so much. Still waiting on that 100k cake celebration Dave 😉
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks...I have footage of my cake.
MT Entertainment
MT Entertainment Yıl önce
Been watching your videos. Very cool ideas on how you built the out house and urine guard suggestion. What do you think about a portable toilet lid (with 2 gallon water reservoir) in place of a regular toilet seat? Removing the bottom half that normally comes with these portable toilets (the holding tank) and fastening into a top section where the toilet bowl/lid would be. This would give you water in the bowl and also a pulling flush.
K C Yıl önce
You and your husband are a great team, interesting to watch this video and see teamwork at its finest! :)
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thank you so much!
Aeval K
Aeval K Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing a summer in the wild. From the first video Brooke put up after finding the property until this one it's been a wonderful and educational experience with you both. Hope more people are inspired to try for themselves. Between your two channels, there is so much knowledge over a wide range of subjects making they're excellent and entertaining resources for those who want to follow their dreams or just get useful "how to" tips.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed them!
rosemarie Murphy
rosemarie Murphy Yıl önce
I hope to see you put the tent back up next year if all is well 👍🏾🙏🏿
Diana Jean
Diana Jean Yıl önce
Thank you Dave and Brooke for sharing your summer there with us. It was so enjoyable. A little piece of Peace during this crazy time!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Shane Wilson
Shane Wilson Yıl önce
Thank you so much. I just love watching your videos. I think they are just outstanding. Thanks Again Dave and Brook.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Glad you like them! Thanks
Never get tired of watching you and Brooke. Such good content in your videos Dave. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes to you, Brooke and all the family.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks 👍
Byron Gatlin
Byron Gatlin 3 aylar önce
Enjoyable as Always! the two of you work so well together. Thanks
Vianona Mitchell
Vianona Mitchell Yıl önce
Love watching how you two work together!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Kathy Fultz
Kathy Fultz Yıl önce
Great video, I really loved the shots of leaves, wonderful attention to detail!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thank you very much!
DP Yıl önce
Another great video. You have a tranquil way about you. Love you guys!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thank you so much!
Chris Lonsberry
Chris Lonsberry Yıl önce
I loved how that furniture was designed and put together!! Enjoyed watching you and Brooke up there this Summer and your projects. The outhouse build and driving the well were a couple of highlights.
Bushradical Yıl önce
CSchwarzbaum 10 aylar önce
This is my first time sleeping in a wall tent and I’ve never taken it down. Any suggestions on how to fold it? Looked like you did it neatly but didn’t show in the video. Mines also from walltentshop, thanks.
WCoastLaurie Yıl önce
That table tho! You both have the natural ability to inspire~We struggle with shopping local due to high prices as well, we travel 30-60 min for most of our supplies. Happy Trails from BC West Kootenays 🇨🇦
F Cool
F Cool Yıl önce
One of my first times watching you guys was when Brooke bought this land, and was worried if you'd like it. Seems so long ago... :(
Bushradical Yıl önce
Brooke has a great eye for real estate, I trust her 100%
Bob Ashmore
Bob Ashmore Yıl önce
Thanks for taking us along for the ride yet again. While it's sad to see the last of one of my favorite places on earth for the rest of the year it's good to know that it will be ready and waiting when you guys can get back. And yes, there is nothing worse than unpacking anything canvas that got put up wet. I made the mistake once of packing a canvas tent when "Eh, it's probably dry enough" was the best that could be said for it. The next Spring when I opened that bad boy up to air it out... Let's just say I got a new tent that year.
Bushradical Yıl önce
oh yeah.....thats a bad deal putting one up wet
Angler2058 Yıl önce
Congratulations on 24 years. Hope you get 24 more as exciting as the first Dave. Great camp tear down. Take care.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks 👍
My Time Outdoors
My Time Outdoors Yıl önce
Enjoyed watching you and Brooke take down the camp. It has been interesting to watch the last 2 years. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed it
Barry Watler
Barry Watler Yıl önce
First time watching but I have watched Brooke's videos amazing. I used to do a lot of Seismic Exploration work in really remote area of Australia when I was younger and would be away 9/10 months of the year always living in tents, or on occasion just your swag ( bedroll), we don't have seasons as you do but the process is similar to you breaking down the tent and your campsite.l have mis subscribed and will continue to follow. Stay safe cheers from Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Barry
Jeffrey Martin
Jeffrey Martin 6 aylar önce
Thanks for a good video. A ball valve should be 1/4 turned to keep it from breaking the housing when it freezes.
august Yıl önce
What a great video. That dining table is just too cool, the way it breaks down with just the wedges, Brooke is way too smart. The way you narrate your videos is second to none. Thank you both for sharing your experiences with us ! Thumbs up and be Radical !
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks so much!
Julie Maddux
Julie Maddux Yıl önce
Hey Dave! Awesome video watching the takedown. Kind of sad too knowing you really won't be back there until next spring. Thanks for the video. Take care and be safe!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Randy Garmon
Randy Garmon Yıl önce
Great video guys! Kinda sad as one season comes to a close but also a time to be optimistic as well for next year! Easy to see there is lots of work that goes on behind the scenes and you guys work great as a team and make it look easy. Thanks for taking us along!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Stephen Potter
Stephen Potter Yıl önce
We just finished closing up our off grid cabin a couple of weeks ago. Drain all the water lines (gravity fed), shut off the power (solar power), lock the door and go home. I might walk in to the cabin over the next couple of weeks and do some bird hunting. Thanks for letting us be part of what you do.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Gogebic Range Wildcraft/Bushcraft
Gogebic Range Wildcraft/Bushcraft Yıl önce
The space looks nice all cleared out and the old camper gone. Nice and neat area. Your projects are awesome!!
Frank Cioffi
Frank Cioffi Yıl önce
Dave i wish i found your channel sooner.... Love ur camera skills. Good story teller. If i could sub more then once i would!
Phillip Hamberg
Phillip Hamberg Yıl önce
Nice video, Love the way you two work together ! I live in Michigan so I look forward to seeing you come back in the spring... no 8 dollar 2X4s for me :-)
Bushradical Yıl önce
Angelita Van pelt
Angelita Van pelt 4 aylar önce
I'm really enjoying watching you and your wife bring so much joy interesting experience me and my husband thinking about visiting upper peninsula this summer looking for property out there.
Kit. J. Benn
Kit. J. Benn Yıl önce
Good luck you guys!! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing you next time!! By the way!! A few people on TRpost have added some upgrades to your tyre removal thingy!! Good luck with that as well 😁😁👍
Bushradical Yıl önce
Oh right on. I'll check into it. The tire changer is a pretty good tool
Robert Birch
Robert Birch Yıl önce
Hoping for a cabin next year, I just like having a permanent structure that could weather the storm if you choose to spend some winter there. Anyhow, enjoyed the video as always and rock on guys.
Bushradical Yıl önce
AMC CJ Yıl önce
Ive been trying to justify buying one of those tents. You just made it easier lol. Another great video Dave!
marian frances
marian frances Yıl önce
I love that tent! Good job you two! 😉👍🌲🇨🇦🍁💜
Bushradical Yıl önce
Vicki Manning
Vicki Manning Yıl önce
You two people are just awesome! Love your videos wherever y’all are. Be blessed my brother and sister in Christ.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks so much
Suzanne St-Laurent Dvorak
Suzanne St-Laurent Dvorak Yıl önce
Looking forward to seeing more videos and also to next time you set up your tent again. Have a wonderful Winter and stay safe you two.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks, will do!
Grumpy Grunt
Grumpy Grunt Yıl önce
I remember what that place looked like when Brooke was scouting the 3 pieces of land on her short list...overgrown such that there was barely a place to park on it, and scattered with garbage including that trailer. You guys brought it a long way in one season, I think. Stay well, Dave.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Mary Hart
Mary Hart Yıl önce
I love to see how organized and practical you are. It's sad to see camp put to "bed" for the winter but I'm hopeful for spring when once again you all can resettle camp for the next season. Stay safe, stay healthy and see ya net time!👋😊
Bushradical Yıl önce
Tim Brickham
Tim Brickham Yıl önce
Great video, as usual. Thanks. We are starting to tuck in here in Wisconsin, too! Don't hibernate, you two...we will need your videos more than ever this winter.
Bushradical Yıl önce
we'll be in lower MI
Bushradical Yıl önce
we'll be filming
Judy Rau
Judy Rau Yıl önce
Where you guys going next or you going home the house for the winter.
Eric B. Davenport
Eric B. Davenport Yıl önce
Extremely enjoyable. Thank you. Well done.
Anita K aka Ilovepink1977
Anita K aka Ilovepink1977 Yıl önce
I am sad that summer went so fast. I am glad you had the time and the good weather to break camp before it got soaking wet. I was shocked when Dave said that the U.P. gets more snow than Alaska. I had no idea. Love your video's and the both of you.
Bushradical Yıl önce
George Tucker
George Tucker Yıl önce
Thanks for the story of closing up a camp site for the season. Easier to take down than to put up, because you have to remember where all the pieces fit. Now, you must take all of the living support stuff and store it where no mice or chipmunks get in and chew, make a nest, and leave other things behind. I had a tent stored in the wrong place, one year and mice chewed holes in the tent and left a mess. Had to use bleach to clean what was left behind, from their living quarters. Will find you next year, to follow your escapades. Good luck through the winter months. They will be long and dark in Alaska.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Eskimo in Alaska
Eskimo in Alaska Yıl önce
I had a dream last night that I went to your cabin to meet you and your family, and you all were sooo nice. But my pants kept disappearing and I kept looking for them. I also kept trying to record, it was so embarrassing 🤣
Karron Farias
Karron Farias Yıl önce
I love watching the wall tent videos! Y’all bless me
Bushradical Yıl önce
ST ST Yıl önce
So great seeing you put all this up then taking it down!!!!!
calvin wisdom
calvin wisdom Yıl önce
it's disheartening to see a camp being disassembled, and it was a great camp I love you twos posts to the max.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks Calvin
Jeff Plant
Jeff Plant Yıl önce
Was great to be part of this story as it rolled along. Sad to see it end for winter but look forward to what next spring will bring. You guys awesome. Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks , you too
Christine Darnell
Christine Darnell Yıl önce
I can hardly wait until spring , so Brooke can be back out there putting up the tent with help from Dave of course. I just love her female touches. 😉👍🐶💗
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thomas Hynes
Thomas Hynes Yıl önce
Thanks for reinforcing the need for a wall tent in lieu of a trailer. I was very disappointed in buying two [yes two] nylon three-four season tents in a week and returning them buy a wall tent. As easy to setup as the nylon "castle". Yep, spent three summers in the late 60's in a wall tent, so I wasn't without experience with them. But, thanks again for the timely advice. I don't believe we'll every get to go off-grid, but we sure miss the "WOODS".
Bushradical Yıl önce
Rockytop Wrangler
Rockytop Wrangler Yıl önce
..It's been a good year in the U.P. ...Thanks for letting us hang out with you two..... ..... Stay Safe and God Bless .....
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thanks RW
sue zaple
sue zaple Yıl önce
sad time when you have to close up camp, Love Brooks table and how you can pack it away also amazing what went into the back of your truck, cant wait to join you folks when you re open camp in the spring, thanks for bringing us along.
Bushradical Yıl önce
PepperNC Yıl önce
I actually got emotional watching you guys taking down camp! 😥💗🇺🇸
Bushradical Yıl önce
......its a sad day
Joyce Thomas
Joyce Thomas Yıl önce
Wonderful video !! I love your comment about priorities, ( I drive a 19 yr old vehicle). I am amazed you got the whole camp in one load. One great thing about a tent vrs permanent structure.....lower taxes. Love your breakdown table. Nice voiceover work, left original soundtrack, just lowered volume and lowered music during talking..........perfect. Now I gotta go find a couple of acres in Western PA or SE Ohio, and copy yer formula. Cheers from Akron, Ohio.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Best of luck ! Let me know if you get your land
I have the same canvas tent as well. I’ve had mine for seven seasons now and my fly is starting to fall apart and flake from the sun damage if you get it on you it’s itchy as a bastard. Going to have to order another one from the tent shop this week.
Barbara Cleri
Barbara Cleri Yıl önce
That looked so sad but peaceful at the end wow. 😃
Ron Fulwider
Ron Fulwider 6 gün önce
How do you keep mold and mildew from growing in the wall tent in the spring and summer?
P. K. Carlson
P. K. Carlson Yıl önce
Thanks to you both for sharing your spring and summer adventures with us. Just curious but if you had a cabin on that property at some point, would it be possible to drive part way in and snowmobile the rest of the way in during the winter just to spend few days. A couple guys on TRpost do this to their spots. Thanks again.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Yeah we could for sure. And we have a couple old snowmobiles....
Katherine Nicholas
Katherine Nicholas Yıl önce
Hello from Michigan! It's hard to understand the UP snowfall if you haven't been here. Nice to see you enjoying our beautiful state.
patcs2 Yıl önce
I'll be buying land in northern WI or the UP soon and will likely go with a wall tent until I build my cabin. Are there state or county regulations that limit how long you can camp even on your own land in a ''non-permanent structure'' (I know HOAs can be weird about that stuff, but I won't have to worry about them.) Love the videos you and Brooke post!
Vossie at Treasure & Treats!
Vossie at Treasure & Treats! Yıl önce
Cool to join the two of you while you're having fun! 😁😁
Bushradical Yıl önce
Kathy Holt
Kathy Holt Yıl önce
You mentioned the U.P’s snow fall amount being so much more than Alaska’s. I went back to Chicago for Christmas one year for 5 days. Got back home to the U.P and was not tall enough to shovel the front walk. Another time I was 8 months pregnant and sunk to my armpits. Feet were not touching the ground. Aw great memories! Love and miss the U.P. Thanks for the videos
Bushradical Yıl önce
Thats some snow...!
Tim T
Tim T Yıl önce
Love the break down furniture. Awesome stuff you guys.
Bushradical Yıl önce
Linda Woods
Linda Woods Yıl önce
I love that wall tent,,,the land and the scenery... great video thank you
Bushradical Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed it
kennym555 9 aylar önce
What are the chances that I just happen to watch this video almost exactly a year after you posted it? Love your Channel!
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