Simple off grid Cabin that anyone can build & afford

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In this video my wife Brooke and I build a very simple, very affordable cabin. With a simple single pitch roof and only 2 windows. While I was filming this building project so was Brooke. You can check out her first video featuring this cabin by clicking the link below. I'll see you on part 2
Brooke's video

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Bob johnson
Bob johnson 7 aylar önce
Hey Guys I did it! I bought the land, 2.6 acres, and built your cabin, well, close, a few design alterations. I just finished closing it in, good thing too as I'm in Canada. I really need to thank you. Your words, and I'm paraphrasing, "Everybody needs an out of the way place of their own..." resonated with me completely, and now it's reality. Thank you for all your time and effort in producing your videos.
RegularLife 22 saatler önce
@gramophoneshane ?
gramophoneshane Gün önce
Do people walk in and shit on the floor thinking it's a public toilet?
RegularLife 10 gün önce
ASMRher (Lunar's Magic)
ASMRher (Lunar's Magic) 16 gün önce
where abouts in Canada?
Juliana Arthuso
Juliana Arthuso 17 gün önce
that's awesome!!!
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 5 aylar önce
Thanks for your video. At 67 years old and only a little building experience, I built your cabin successfully and added a nice deck to boot. It took me three months, but it was worth it. It is sitting on 32 acres near Nashville. Wish I could add a picture. Thanks again for the inspiration.
Benjamin Lemieux
Benjamin Lemieux 11 gün önce
Hey Brooke hey Brooke add radical what is the weather for aggressive mean what does it mean wake me at three but reticle hey Dave I kind a want to build on going on way home so if you can call me at this number tell you call me to
@Michael Harris I’m over in Crossville searching for a small piece of home too. I hope to find a decent sized property so I can build a 2 bedroom cabin for my family and myself.
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 27 gün önce
It has a small porch and I am adding a larger deck area when it cools off. Good for grilling outside.
Andrew Singleton
Andrew Singleton 29 gün önce
Congratulations Mike. How's it holding up? Ther'es like, a TON of 'little' things that could be added to a setup like this, and I feel that's the point. This is the bare basic, but it also leaves a lot of room for customization and improvement.
Breanda Davis
Breanda Davis Aylar önce
@Michael Harris wow, that's incredible. How inspiring!!
Backup Goalie
Backup Goalie 8 aylar önce
This is my second video of yours I watched with the first being the newest one (Off Grid Cabin in the Woods... Start to Finish) I couldn't believe that someone could build a cabin so easily. In this video you said you've been doing it for 20 years and it shows. You got it down to a science. Great videos for me as a novice to watch and not feel too overwhelmed.
hoyit 4 aylar önce
@Leighton Laughlin yep, same here :)
Emperial 7 aylar önce
Same here I for see his channel blowing up
Patrick Dunn
Patrick Dunn 7 aylar önce
That's literally my experience too wtf I love you
Azri Nazamuddin
Azri Nazamuddin 8 aylar önce
me too. same
John Ellis
John Ellis 8 aylar önce
Agreed…would be nice to be able to get a quick design, even rough version, to go off of, other than watching & re-watching and taking notes.
Jesse Labreche
Jesse Labreche 8 aylar önce
As a production carpenter, this could be framed and sheeted in a day. The only difference is this man probably enjoyed the process a lot more.
Abraham The Bewildered
Abraham The Bewildered 2 aylar önce
@Double Bullet You could also look into earthship building. It's crazy!
Sara Austin
Sara Austin 2 aylar önce
This, folks, is the answer. Really. The very best advice of all.
Al Gogh Rhythm
Al Gogh Rhythm 3 aylar önce
@Jesse Labreche Can you tell me what you would charge for labor on a project like this? As much as I'd love to do it myself, I'm disabled and most of the activity shown in this video I just wouldn't be capable of.
J DUB 4 aylar önce
@Patrick Mann Larry is the best....perfect suggestion
Lawson Lindsey
Lawson Lindsey Yıl önce
amazing video, feeling super inspired to do something like this one day
Fat Guy's Noise Factory
Fat Guy's Noise Factory 7 aylar önce
@John we pray &&% you J#jnn
t M
t M Yıl önce
on your video with the battery and solar panel, make a box out of wood and install insulation around the battery and the top, place a lid on it, that will make the battery continue to hold pike power . never place a battery on cold concrete , it will drain very fast. in the future make a fan . i did ?, a old fan blade 5 , and connected it to a 40 amp mini toyota alternator. the fan rotates at a slow speed and with a pulley system it turns at about 1500 to 2200 rpm great for the alternator speed. it generates about 18 to 35 amps an hour on a 40 amp unit. i used a regulator from an old ford truck, maintaning the volts. during the day im camped out , using an invertor 2000/4000 . i use2- 6 volt battery;s instead of 1-12 volt. reason, the 6 volts are in series, connection and they can be drain down to 6 volts. doing this to a 12volt , once you discharge a 12v, pasted 11 volts the battery is toast. for every 1 - 12v. 2- 6 volts. with the wind fan , it runs all day and all night. my fan is an old ceiling fan, 5 blades 52" dia. p.s. i used an old costco coffee can 3# can over the alternator drilling 1/2" holes on the sides and the bottom to protected the alternator from rain and snow.
billy walz
billy walz Yıl önce
@Lawson Lindsey Ill be waiting to see a cabin in one of your fishing videos 🤙
maria morrill
maria morrill Yıl önce
@Whats Up? my favorite retort to this insanity.......i refuse to do battle with an unarmed this case unarmed means halfwit
North Side Norm
North Side Norm 8 aylar önce
My wife and I built our cabin/home by ourselves. I milled my own beams and floor joists from the trees we removed. All other materials we purchased at the local mill. We ended up with a 400sqft cabin in the forest of northern New Brunswick for under $5000.
Alexandra Hawkhead
Alexandra Hawkhead 5 aylar önce
I was already enjoying this video but really loved seeing what your grandpa means to you and how you look after his tools - I'm sure he'd be proud of you both :)
Ralph Culham
Ralph Culham 7 aylar önce
It looks like a great location for this project. The finish on your exterior panelling is similar to how my grandfather, in the early 50's built a lakeside cabin 24 feet square and finished the cedar siding with linseed oil and lamp black. The story goes that a neighbour about a mile away heard the hammering and came over with a hammer to help with the construction.
FernPrincess Emily
FernPrincess Emily 3 aylar önce
Wow, I think this is something everyone should learn in school! :D Really enjoyed watching you two work - you made it look so easy!
TΞQFRΞΛK 20 gün önce
I totally agree... Sadly school is not aimed to create independent self reliant human beings, but dependable consumers and obedient employees/ citizens.
Jenna Villaflor
Jenna Villaflor 8 aylar önce
I’m so happy I found your channel. You and your wife exude happiness in simplicity. I hope that one day I can find the same happiness in building my own stuff
Simple-Earth's Quest
Simple-Earth's Quest 4 aylar önce
My compliments to the two of you. When I started setting up in the middle of nowhere, the single, one things we got "the pros" to do, was our cabin. It cost a lot, too much, was half-assed and many flaws still exist that keep me busy. It cost a lot, really a lot for what we got. I watch this, and I can't help but feel ashamed that I did not build at least the beginning of our own home. We are probably going to do that anyway, and move into it. Thanks and regards from South Africa.
Cuppy 4 aylar önce
This was the video that inspired me to build my own small cabin.. I wish I could get in touch with you another way to show you what I have built so far. I've subscribed to your channel and your wife's a long time ago. Your easy going way and ease of putting it all together is really what got me started on my cabin journey. Thanks for the videos! Hope to see another cabin from you two! :)
Atticus 7 aylar önce
Tip for standing big walls that you cant afford to slide off: nail a couple pieces of temporary scrap with the 4 inch (wide side) down where the wall will stand. Then lay your wall down and push the bottom plate against it. toenail the bottom plate to the floor with 1 nail at each end of the wall, then remove the scrap wood stopped you nailed down. Now, you lift the wall, and the nails bend as you do, and prevent the wall from sliding off the floor. It also means you should be perfectly lined up with your floor, since it cant move past it sideways much either. If its off a bit just take the sledge to nudge it into place.
drexldog Yıl önce
Between the music, proper editing, narration and production, I felt like I was watching a building show on PBS. Awesome video
Beth Ewalt
Beth Ewalt 2 aylar önce
He's the Bob Ross of cabin building
Gary Norden
Gary Norden Yıl önce
Not selling you some thing!
Roger Bergeron
Roger Bergeron Yıl önce
@Dirt Road Farms JimmiDeanReen and
Supremebean303 Yıl önce
Corduroy G
Corduroy G Yıl önce
Why'd it have to be PBS? Why not The Discovery Channel?
Gordon MacDougall
Gordon MacDougall 6 aylar önce
Wow, you guys certainly know your craft and make it look so simple. Amazing work 👌🏻
Sam Proctor
Sam Proctor 8 aylar önce
I loved this. Thanks for doing these videos! It helps to visually see how you make a basic structure.
Arminius 8 aylar önce
Awesome process and thanks for posting! Over the years that pine tree you built the cabin next to will grow into a monster. I generally give ample clearance away from trees. It'll cut down on the needles in your gutters and won't ever get harassed by roots destroying or moving your foundation, or branches/pine cones falling down and hurting someone or destroying your roof.
Rudy C
Rudy C 7 aylar önce
Absolutely love your videos. Found your channel a couple of days ago, when I was having some anxiety. It really helped me a lot, and got me to relax. Keep up the great work, and hope you and your family have a fantastic New year.
briansmobile1 Yıl önce
That bit about your grandpa's saw got a like from me. I feel that.
marcel mcv
marcel mcv 11 aylar önce
Lol I loved it. Personally I would never finish a cabin if I stopped in the middle to restore a saw but power to ya!! Amazing
Taylor J
Taylor J Yıl önce
Yep same here. Kinda brought a tear to my eye remembering my ground pappy. The man gave you tools to use his tools
Knox Hunter
Knox Hunter Yıl önce
Knox Hunter
Knox Hunter Yıl önce
Jovan Anderson
Jovan Anderson Yıl önce
Neil Moore
Neil Moore 7 aylar önce
This video was a joy to watch, and I admire the craftsmanship that you put into such a small structure. One question though: is there any reason you didn't dig down a little deeper with the corner posts, for example using sonotubes and concrete? I would hate to think that the freeze and thaw cycles in your area might later affect the integrity of your structure.
Forge Gloyd
Forge Gloyd 8 aylar önce
I love how apparentelly not everything is planned before you start. You just *make* it, right there at the spot.
Eddie Brown
Eddie Brown 5 aylar önce
While acknowledging the Kool-Aid aspect here, I've been doing many things on a smaller scale with foam flooring as prototypes, the puzzle-piece 2' x 2's people exercise on. Amazing stuff.
Jorge Robinson
Jorge Robinson 8 aylar önce
Forreal I wish I had skills like him 😂
Paulo Eskitch
Paulo Eskitch Aylar önce
Hi, I've been looking forward to start building a smaller version of your cabin this week. I have a question since I am a beginner and have only made bookshelves. Do the rafters on the 8foot front have a little cut out as well like the 6foot side, or are they just resting on top at an angle and nailed in place up there. Thanks for your video!
Neisha Lawrence
Neisha Lawrence 6 aylar önce
Love this! Thank you for all of the advice… you’ve inspired me to obtain land and start my off grid life style, although I have absolutely no experience. I have faith that I can do anything I can put my mind to🙏🏽Greatly appreciated.
Vincent Wise
Vincent Wise Yıl önce
Possibly one of the most straight forward, informative how to videos on TRpost. Great job!
Stranger By The Hour Podcast
Stranger By The Hour Podcast 4 aylar önce
I can't thank you enough. I'm currently at about the 20:41 stage of this build on an NC homestead. We're doing 16x16, which will be a walk in chicken coop with an incubation and brooding area. We're going to catch the rain from that huge roof surface in a cistern to gravity feed the garden!
Stranger By The Hour Podcast
Stranger By The Hour Podcast 2 aylar önce
@Alaska Bush Mom I adjusted for the extra space. I've been taking time lapse videos that I need to edit together. Our channel is about getting out of the current system to a more natural way of life. I used no plans. Whenever I came to a spot I wasn't sure of I watched another video. Good luck out there and best wishes.
Alaska Bush Mom
Alaska Bush Mom 2 aylar önce
Did u build this cabin or adjust it for a 16x16 cabin? Do u have a video of your build? Or plans? U could share?
Joel Crow
Joel Crow 8 aylar önce
I love how you guys take the time to insulate so well. This small cabin has better insulation than many houses I’ve seen in the south! Yes i know the climate is different but theres a quality difference that deserves respect here as well (y’all’s small home build being better than most professional built homes I’ve seen).
Flemkopf 7 aylar önce
California too. It needs to be said. If you're going to air conditioning half the year, you need to insulate the home just as well as you would in colder regions. Nothing like having a medicine cabinet in the outer wall sitting at a comfy 100 degrees.
Jake Saltonstall
Jake Saltonstall 7 aylar önce
I love how you and your wife share these experiences together!
Blakey J
Blakey J 3 aylar önce
I’ve watched this video so many times and talked about it at length with my closest friends. This footage truly could serve as an archive for generations
Douglas Zimmerman
Douglas Zimmerman 22 gün önce
Very nice cabin build ! I'm hoping to find a place where I can do one myself within the next 6 months , so thank you for sharing your skills on this & the other things also , like the hand driven well ! It will be put to use by me for sure !
Chris Gooding Comics
Chris Gooding Comics 8 aylar önce
This is literally the best and most comprehensive guide i've ever seen on youtube for building a cabin, house, tiny home, etc. this is the best compliment i can give. this video has exceeded my every expectation. Subscribed.
Ed Hiestand
Ed Hiestand 8 aylar önce
Love the simplicity, I noticed on another you put in the bottom layer of plywood from underneath to support the insulation and keep critters out. In this one, you worked from above with furring strips. Curious since you have done both, which method do you prefer?
James Hunter
James Hunter 7 aylar önce
I think the reason was because they mentioned having 4 inch insulation for free. If they used 6 inch, which they said they would normally use, then an underneath method would give the room for the 6 inch. It would be easier, imo, to do the bottom with the 6 inch, not to mention warmer. But hey, free is free!
Wanda Brady
Wanda Brady 8 aylar önce
Love this video, so nice to see a couple working together, you two are amazing!
rus sanderson
rus sanderson 7 aylar önce
Nice. This is how I was taught. Everything locks together, gravity is the major fastener. Love what you are doing. Keep up the good work! I'm sure your Grandpa is proud.
Remigio Jr. Urfano
Remigio Jr. Urfano 8 aylar önce
Hi! Been watching your videos a lot! Thanks you very much for sharing it! I find it very inspiring and a very simple living. More power to you and your wife! God bless you😊
Patience B
Patience B 9 aylar önce
18 years old and saving up to buy a small plot of land and to build a small home. This really helped thank you
The French adventure
The French adventure 3 aylar önce
Hi Dave, and Brooke, this video was the first I saw of you. It made me believe that we could do it too. So that was the beginning of our adventure in Europe. We sold our house in the Netherlands and bought about 4 acres in France with an old house and only electricity. Some forest and pasture for the horses. And a little stream in the middle. I go out every day and I am so happy 😉 . Thank you so much!!! Without knowing it, you guys have done a lot for us. Greetings Chantal and Anna
Cuppy 6 aylar önce
I'm now building something similar but it was your way that inspired me! Thank you guys!
Brueezy 4 aylar önce
I have now watched a few of your cabin builds, each time thinking you looked familiar. Now that I see Brooke with you I figured it out! Alone season 4! You guys were awesome in that show. I was cheering for you :)
Lazy DIY
Lazy DIY 10 aylar önce
Thinking about a tiny house, but this cabin looks even better!!! 🥰❤️❤️❤️
Spencer Brotherson
Spencer Brotherson 8 aylar önce
I know I'm late to the party here given that this was posted about a year ago, but I love the fact that you're using your grandpa's saw, and that you actually know how to sharpen and set it properly. That's almost a lost art these days. Keep doing what you do. More people need to know that this kind of thing is something that everyone can do if you take your time and be precise about it. You don't have to pay someone else to do everything if you're willing to put in the time to do the research to figure out how and actually do it yourself. Not saying that any of this was easy, but it's doable if you're willing to put in the effort.
Yeeto_Bandito Yıl önce
As a welder and metal fabricator I 100% agree that humans are meant to build things and be creative. It really is in our nature!
Yeeto_Bandito Yıl önce
@cyclone8974 I can get behind that too😂
cyclone8974 Yıl önce
I totally disagree I know plenty of people that should never build anything especially something to live in.
Draya Mechele
Draya Mechele Yıl önce
2000madi2000 Yıl önce
Hi Jennifer!
Koito rob
Koito rob Yıl önce
@Janine Patricia Flucken-Burns Davis It's also about learning not to start a sentence with the word SO and how to spell simple words such as LEARNING and how there should be a space between words. Then again, if you were educated in America, WELL DONE!
Xaustedbrain23 8 aylar önce
Man you inspired me to work on my dream cause I wanna build my own house someday, seeing how peaceful it can be I’d want my future children doing the same thing
Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan 8 aylar önce
I am addicted to watching Brook and Dave build cabins. What an amazing couple. What beautiful works of art they create! I can’t get enough and have learned so much from them!❤️❤️❤️
Xenia 5 aylar önce
Steve Gwisdalla
Steve Gwisdalla 8 aylar önce
Dave is perfect in explaining things. This is a perfect build video. Then you watch Brooke's video on the same build and she has a happy little song going while watching the same build. I love love love the 2 perspectives. Thank you for all you do guys!
Matt Mathis
Matt Mathis 8 aylar önce
I'm a year late, but seeing you clean up your grandfather's saw and being able to see the pictures of him at the same time really had a good feeling. Thanks for sharing him with the world! That's inspiring stuff. :)
Precision Goalie
Precision Goalie 7 aylar önce
Great work! I love your videos and agree that, if priorities are land with a peaceful cabin, anyone can afford and build it. True inspiration.
Reychawl 7 aylar önce
This series gives me PBS 'how it's made' vibes. This guy explained everything so calm and easy to understand. I feel optimistic that I can do this on my own in the future! 🥰
William4143 3 aylar önce
I did and so can you.
R3dp055um 6 aylar önce
To the devil with PBS
Andrew Whitehouse
Andrew Whitehouse 6 aylar önce
I really, really enjoyed your video and your presentation style is really relaxed and approachable, so thank you! Just a quick question.. how big could you go here before you'd need to adjust the method of construction? Or could you just use the same techniques you've shown here but join multiple floor box frames together to make a bigger room? I'm thinking around 40/60 square meters.
Teena Christel- HealingHeartist
Teena Christel- HealingHeartist 8 aylar önce
I love what you’re going. I’m ready to start the build of a small off grid cabin, bath house (w/sauna??), set up a water system and solar so I’m glued to every video you produce. I wish I had more skills to do this work myself. So if you, or anyone you know, wants to live off grid in Arizona while ‘projecting’ with me, I’d be eternally grateful 🙏😇 I do live in an actual house 3 hrs. South in Arizona. And theres a super tiny roughed-in shed w/fireplace up there now. Thank you for what you do!!
Mr Spy
Mr Spy 11 aylar önce
This was not only chill but informative, no doubt it's exhausting but you two make it so easy looking like a form of magic. I don't know if ill ever find a place to build but knowing how is nice, and your right, we basically became domesticated, grow food, learn to build, self reliance is the way we forgot and need to relearn in the coming generations.
Survival technology
Survival technology 5 aylar önce
rhino mite
rhino mite 8 aylar önce
After some time of watching your very relaxing videos and enjoying the calmness, I have a question. Do you ever have trouble with the metal roof and condensation? When I build in southern New Mexico, I always sheet and paper my roof before metal, because we tend to get a frost at least 5 times in a year, and I always notice that this then leads to an 'interior rain' problem. I know you'll be insulating in part 2 or 3 but just asking your feedback. Thanks and great videos
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 4 aylar önce
Well I'd imagine they get alot more than 5 frost a year where they are so if it's good enough for there I'm sure it's good enough for where you are
kevin hickey
kevin hickey 9 aylar önce
I'm building a 12x16 cabin on our farm. What size structure do I need to consider a stronger foundation than the one you built for this cabin?
Fly-High 8 aylar önce
What a pleasure to watch you work. You both are just amazing
Kristina Christian
Kristina Christian Aylar önce
Man, I'm so excited to see y'all have a channel. This is an awesome channel, thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge with us! Y'all ROCK!! I bought Brook's book on Amazon and am trying to do what y'all do. God bless y'all.
Lapis Lazarus
Lapis Lazarus Yıl önce
This is making me think of when my friend and I were starting a "treehouse" when we were around 9 years old. We pretty much started off the same. When her dad saw what we were up to, he came to help us do it proper. It went around the the tree on the ground, but I think we did well for a couple of little girls with no knowledge.
Violet Upton
Violet Upton Yıl önce
Love it!!
Juliana Sabina
Juliana Sabina Aylar önce
This is wonderful. I love to build stuff...I've only build small things.. and I don't usually do that but when I do, it feels so good and so right and so empowering. I really love this!
Hans Frederik Lehmann
Hans Frederik Lehmann 7 aylar önce
Found your channel yesterday and have been benching your videos. Great video making and storytelling! Inspiring and a joy to watch. The part about your grandpa’s saw made me write this.
Land Elevated
Land Elevated 9 aylar önce
Nice design. Perfect for off-grid living.
Katrina Hill
Katrina Hill 7 aylar önce
I am over and beyond impressed with you and your wife's work. I would love to build my own off the grid tiny building like this with solar power. This is awesome and so are you guys.
Brenda Mills
Brenda Mills 3 aylar önce
start gathering items to use in's a process......
dustysquito Yıl önce
Hey, man, I just wanted to say thank you for putting out the videos for this particular cabin. I'd been wanting to build something on my land, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to do the log cabin style. This cabin was damn near the blueprint I used for the one I'm building, and after a Saturday afternoon spent getting the foundation pads, supports, and floor joists in, you're absolutely right. There's nothing about it that anyone couldn't do if they just take their time, measure carefully, and work steadily. I hope mine turns out half as nice yours, but for a first attempt, I already love it. Thank you so much!
Mobiletainment Yıl önce
hows your build going
Jim Justice
Jim Justice Gün önce
Thank you for taking us along. I’m now mobility challenged, but could have built one 30 or 40 years ago.
M 9 aylar önce
"You're supposed to build your own house". Thank you for that, and for this video. I've been wanting to build my own starter home for a few years now, and people keep trying to talk me out of it. But I dont want to buy something that was someone else's, I want to make something that's mine. I appreciate this video and the information you shared here.
Bushradical 9 aylar önce
Glad I could help!
Natalia Daffunchio
Natalia Daffunchio 27 gün önce
Wow, gracias! This is the best vid I get for a quick small project, and you cover the topic "bad weather" during the construction. I love your story telling while doing it and the "Everybody needs an out of the way place of their own...". Thank you both!
Helena Duarte
Helena Duarte 5 aylar önce
Wow guys, amazing layout, amazing narrative, God bless you for bringing your knowledge to us.
Beautiful Victory
Beautiful Victory Yıl önce
The two of you are the best! I am loving this cabin build. I really appreciate all the time and work you put into this to teach us. Till next time, God bless.
Bob V
Bob V 7 aylar önce
I can tell it's hard work, but it is such a relaxing video to watch. Well done!
PA Mike
PA Mike 8 aylar önce
I started watching this channel about two or three years ago. Totally impressed. Then, about a year ago, I watched my very first episode of "Alone". I got to your season and shouted "Holy sh*t! I know that guy!" It was pretty cool getting to know you before I knew you guys were on the show. Then, after watching the season, I was pretty much blown away. You guys did amazingly well. I mean, it seemed like you just set up home and were good to go like it was no big deal. You know your stuff, you're a heck of a good videographer, and the narration and attention to detail are amazing.
Charlie Hough
Charlie Hough 8 aylar önce
@Alberto Gonzalez season 4 I think
Alberto Gonzalez
Alberto Gonzalez 8 aylar önce
What season is he on ?
Grant Gee
Grant Gee 8 aylar önce
Great build guys, well done. Doesn't the timber require kilning though?
Ethan van Drimmelen
Ethan van Drimmelen 8 aylar önce
Thank you for the inspiring video and commentary! How do you measure and mark the rafter notches?
o0O-JD-O0o 5 aylar önce
I think it's a great idea that you keep the cabin as small as you can so that you have less heating and cooling to deal with if you can find a decent solar powered fan you could set up a makeshift evaporative cooler . Maybe find a solar powered small aquarium water pump you could build it right into the wall and just have it be you know one pad with the air pushing through it
humid 1776
humid 1776 Aylar önce
This is awesome. I can see myself doing most of it. My wife and I just bought 5.6 acres and can’t fully move on property for awhile. I would love to build this. The video is very descriptive but I would definitely benefit from some plans. If you had some I would even pay a reasonable price if not free. Just a thought and again great channel and video.
Marsha Williams
Marsha Williams 2 aylar önce
I want to do this. Your video is such an inspiration!! I loved all the comments from people who tried it. God willing, I will too. Thank you!
Dan Springer
Dan Springer 2 aylar önce
Outstanding! Thanks for making such an excellent video series!
VK Yıl önce
I hate the way government uses housing as a means to control your life....I would never waste 500k on an ugly house, but I do like the idea of buying land for 30k and building a smart home myself
Roberto Rivera
Roberto Rivera 8 aylar önce
MY like was 1000 like. I liked it.
Charles Bennington
Charles Bennington 9 aylar önce
#1 Spending 500k on a house is not a waste of money if you are providing shelter for a family. #2 In fact, you are legally and ethically bound to provide shelter. #3 Also, not a waste since your home is an asset that appreciates in value. #4 When it comes time to retire for most of the population, your house that is paid in full is a large part of your financial portfolio, along with your 401k, investments and Social Security. #5 I am not aware of any Govt program that forces your to buy a house, condo or trailer.
This is America
This is America 9 aylar önce
@KaylaKaze I think You are Making a Great Point. But that's in the "Developed" countries, because my Mother, being a minimum Wage Worker, went back to the Dominican Republic in the 80s and bought herself a Home for which She also owns the Land and let me tell You that people over there DO NOT LOSE their House or Land over Taxes, Never heard of it.
This is America
This is America 9 aylar önce
@JPExactly, and they made it that people Cannot Really OWN anything.
This is America
This is America 9 aylar önce
VK, but also humans have Allowed SUCH a SYSTEM.
Amadeus Doolittle
Amadeus Doolittle 7 aylar önce
Thank you for teaching how to make cabins like this. I have been looking into making a airsoft field and the builds that you have provided me are easy to make and affordable. Thank you. I will most likely make one for myself as well.
ad-rock 8 aylar önce
Such satisfying & beautiful work you guys do. Thanks for the video
Alexander Evans
Alexander Evans 6 aylar önce
This video is exactly what I needed in my life. I really appreciate it.
Daniel Marquinez
Daniel Marquinez 10 aylar önce
amazing work... and what a blessing to have a woman like her. thanks for sharing.
Violet Rain
Violet Rain 14 gün önce
Terrific Build!!! Congratulations on your beautiful cabin. It's lovely to see a couple work so well together doing something they love. Extremely inspirational. The story you told about the man at the Dump was very moving. Thank you for sharing.
Sonja-Greg Stiles
Sonja-Greg Stiles 9 aylar önce
Do you have plans for this build available? Love it!
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