Simple off grid cabin ( part 3) .....Behind the scenes

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A simple off grid cabin that anyone can build and anyone can afford ( part 3) ....this cabin build project has been very popular and lots of people have had questions about the specifics of this cabin. How it was built, what it costs, codes, permits, materials, buying land, etc, etc. In this video I will answer many of these questions. Dave Whipple
Here are the links to (part 1) and (part 2)
Part 1....
part 2....
Here is the link to Brooke's NEW video showing the finished cabin !

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Carson Howard
Carson Howard Yıl önce
This dudes attitude is amazing. “I don’t have _______, but I have land” 😂
kristen louise
kristen louise 3 gün önce
Exactly. People don't want to prioritise and sacrifice
Spencer Kay
Spencer Kay 3 gün önce
Best line of this decade 😂
SoulSoundMuisc Aylar önce
@J K I had a great uncle who lost his arm in a hunting accident. Blown off at the shoulder, took a pellet in the eye that blinded him. He picked up the gun and walked home. Walked... Home. The man later went on to be an overhead welder. With one arm and one eye, he built battleships. My father suffered a knee injury, one single knee injury that was repaired. Rather than do his physical therapy (it huuuuuurt too much), he sat in a chair, ballooned to over 800lbs, and is in the process of eating himself to death while moaning about all the pain he's in-- all of it self inflicted. A coworker has the same knee injury. He climbs ladders and hops up and down off of equipment all day long, twelve hours a day. I went to school with a trucker who only had one leg, but could double-clutch all day long. I worked with a security officer who had no hands, and still filled out paperwork, by hand (mouth) and could STILL slap out carbon copies to the customers, like clockwork. All day, every day. My grandfather lost eighty percent of the hearing in one ear and his lower jaw-- they replaced it with a cadaver jaw-- in the military. He never once complained, not EVER, about the obvious pain he was in. When he had his first heart attack, once he was released he went home and mowed the lawn. Three days in hospital, he checked himself out and went home and mowed the lawn. I knew a guy who had lost both of his legs due to a landmine in Serbia when he was seven years old. He *thrives* in his wheelchair, and he'll knock the tar out of anybody who tells him he can't do something because of his disability. Your choices are yours to make. Live, or don't. Blossom, or decay.
Hans Peter Durand
Hans Peter Durand Aylar önce
@Simba Del Bosque Good Point. Land has always a value. I live in Europe (more precisely Switzerland).
Jesualdo Cortez
Jesualdo Cortez 2 aylar önce
@Faith Rada my man a lot of people are cost burden. I’m pretty sure everyone watching this wants to do it, but have something like material condition. It’s a nation of renters and 40% of Americans don’t have savings to support passed 3 months, maybe when we have less wealth inequality than when we put kids in chimneys for profit we’ll have more freedom to have a cabin.
Lozark derccy
Lozark derccy 7 aylar önce
Daaaaaaaaamn! That breakdown of buying land, and the houses they’ve built was so freaking impressive!!! Love it!
LaTonya Lee
LaTonya Lee 16 gün önce
I couldn't said it better! That was the best breakdown I've ever heard and I can't wait to find my little piece of land to build a very small cabin. These are "My People"!
M.R. Valdez
M.R. Valdez 2 aylar önce
They are incredible beings!
Artie Lange’s Beer League
Artie Lange’s Beer League 2 aylar önce
My dad was a master carpenter. Taught me everything I know. I have cerebral palsy that affects the entire right side of my body but my old man taught me that I can do anything that anyone else can. It just takes a little effort and some Ingenuity. It may take me a bit longer and I might be in a lot of pain but I will get the job done! I love your channel Dave! You inspire me!
Billy C. Roach
Billy C. Roach 12 gün önce
love your dad
j futch
j futch 8 aylar önce
Dave, I observed closely and was impressed with your building skills in parts 1 and 2. However, only in Part 3 did i get to know the real Dave as a genuine person. Your description of the man at the dump site told me all I needed to know about you as a caring individual. I have never subscribed to anything until now and your comments in part 3 convinced me to do it to your channel. Dave you are my kind of guy and I will be looking at your videos from here on. Thank you.
Michael Henry
Michael Henry 8 gün önce
@Majin Vegeta Since your reply was to Bush, what/where is the logical fallacy? If the 'amputee story' how would you know? But regardless, how would it dismiss any further discussion?
Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta 4 aylar önce
@Bushradical except that it's based on a logical fallacy. It's literally anecdotal evidence used to confirm survivor's bias. It's literally a totally ILLOGICAL rationale used to dismiss any discussion that disproves your narrative.
Ashley L
Ashley L 4 aylar önce
That story had my crying. You're a wonderful dude, your outlook is heartwarming.
Tray 5 aylar önce
I am heading over to work on my old home renovation project this morning. The project is a 100+ year old house on 5 acres in a rural part of Michigan. It has been dragging on, and has been easy to be distracted with other issues the last few years. I was dreading going to work on it this morning, but finished watching this part 3 video while having my coffee. You have put me back in touch with what the project means to my wife and me. Sometimes you just need a kick in the butt to get back on track. You are quite inspirational and I will be watching both of your channels. Thank you so much Dave.
MrDWat3 5 aylar önce
I subbed IMMEDIATELY as he was telling that story!
Steve Murch
Steve Murch 2 aylar önce
Much respect. Love the attitude, the desire to build, the editing, the evangelism, the know-how and willingness to share it clearly, the gumption, the mission. The message about priorities and saving/spending is right on target and not heard enough today. Good on you. I love building too, and swing a hammer every now and then for Habitat. It’s so satisfying. I think my wife isn’t likely up for a project like this but maybe kids or grandkids and I will tackle it some day.
Becky Alter
Becky Alter 8 aylar önce
I really dig you, your honesty, and integrity. Thanks for sharing the story about the amputee man. And thanks for being direct and forthright about the kinds of people you want on your channel. You’re a good man. Do you have any “step by step” videos or series for beginners to be able to go out and build a cabin from the ground up? I would BUY that kind of series!
Shelltoe Soul
Shelltoe Soul 6 aylar önce
if you look in this video's description, he has included links to the previous two parts of this video series. It goes over the build in pretty good detail, this cabin build is not complicated at all if you have even just the most basic amount of construction knowledge.
Faithin Verity
Faithin Verity 8 aylar önce
I'm ready to make a determination: this series is my favorite thing on TRpost. When I feel down, I watch it and I am optimistic about the world again. Thank you. You've made a difference in the world.
Marie Belson
Marie Belson 6 aylar önce
I agree. I feel I can have a go at things like the cabin now. I love the series, please keep making things you are giving me so much inspiration to have a go ❤️
Hank Dewald
Hank Dewald 6 aylar önce
Fantastic video by a really cool couple. To the statement, "I can't do it." I felt that way so I began volunteering with Habitat For Humanity and began learning all phases. Now I CAN. I'm going to build me one just like this one. Great job!
SoulSoundMuisc Aylar önce
Heck yeah! That's how it's done and good on you!
Andrew Singleton
Andrew Singleton 4 aylar önce
Rock on man. I mean don't build it exactly like his. Build the one you want taking inspiration from this.
Taurus 5 aylar önce
11:20 Absolutely agree! I went the academic route myself, but still ended up making a presentation on handicraft during my bachelor's studies. I wanted to encourage my school friends because it's so fulfilling to design and build something useful for yourself and others. I just learned how to saw and nail wood in my primary school's woodworking class and picked up from there.
Mr Señor
Mr Señor Yıl önce
“People all over the world live in a lot less than this.” Well said.
GrumpyBunBun 2 aylar önce
Also, small structure that meets your needs means you have more free land to grow vegetables and fruits.
Maxine Dolma
Maxine Dolma 2 aylar önce
And if you can't live with your partner in a small space, why the heck did you marry them?
Mohammed Shafiqul Islam
Mohammed Shafiqul Islam 4 aylar önce
He is absolutely right
luis 5 aylar önce
That quote was the instant-subscribe for me
Yoshiyuki Sekiguchi
Yoshiyuki Sekiguchi Yıl önce
yea, exactly, I live in NYC and my room is about 12 by 12, kitchen, bathroom, shared with strangers, and many are not clean ppl and pay $700 a month, I feel trapped in here and got much bad luck of years accumulation. I am old and single but this video gave me encouragement of challenge again as building a small home is my lifelong dream. Thank you so much.
Michael Manuel
Michael Manuel 8 aylar önce
Honestly wanted to give this behind the scenes video a miss after watching the two previous ones on this build but I am glad that I watched it. That's a whole lot of well articulated advice which is really relevant to the kind of consumerism and society that is prevalent these days. I love how that cabin turned out.
Soutine Fan
Soutine Fan 5 aylar önce
I stumbled on Part one of this cabin build vid and found it so fascinating and entertaining that I got sucked into all three parts. I have to keep watching until I see what Brooke did with the inside. If it's as good as the charcoal and red trim and killer door with great animal painting, it should be great. You guys really know how to make excellent vids. Thanks.
L 1
L 1 6 aylar önce
I've been watching your videos in the hospital right before and now right after my above knee amputation. They are really motivating for me because yes, I do think it is possible to build your own cabin having the type of disability that I have. Might need a hand for the roof and for carrying the long pieces of wood but hey, it'll be fun! (I've always thoroughly enjoyed making stuff.) Thanks a lot for your channel!
Margo Burns
Margo Burns 2 aylar önce
I got emotional with you Dave. Thanks for that reality check. I turned my old Chevy Blazer into a camper and I get into the back country with my dog every chance I get. I constantly have friends and coworkers tell me they could never be off grid for more than a day. I have chronic physical issues and am 60yrs old. Loved this build, video, and the amazing message. Thanks!
Eric Setting
Eric Setting Yıl önce
Im an 70 year old man with an 70 year old wife and we built our homestead by ourselves we make extra money with a sawmill most of our house was built with stuff I collected or made on the sawmill. We started our homestead when we were 50 its now paid off. Ive been watching you and Brooks videos since you started and your parents will all ways be proud of you !
Magical Phones
Magical Phones 10 aylar önce
I'm 44 and doing the same thing
Eric Setting
Eric Setting Yıl önce
@winston smith Hi Winston Thanks for the nice comment!
winston smith
winston smith Yıl önce
Don't know ya Eric, but I love ya already! from Edinburgh, Scotland (and your wife)
DL Haye
DL Haye Yıl önce
Awesome! Blessings to you both!
The Feel Button
The Feel Button Yıl önce
danarello 7 aylar önce
Thank you Dave for creating these videos! Very inspiring and enjoyable to watch the process. I agree you and many of your viewers. This is something that is doable for people that don't have a lot of experience building stuff. If you were living in the cabin for an extended time, how would you manage kitchen and bathroom needs?
Kelly Reilly
Kelly Reilly 12 gün önce
Thank you Dave and Brooke for sharing your build and philosophy on this cabin!!! Love both of you guys channels, so inspiring!!!
angrydalailama 7 aylar önce
Absolutely love your work, Brooke and Dave! Be well. All the best to you in 2022 and onward.
Reaping_Rager 6 aylar önce
This is an awesome project. I been wanting to build a cabin for so long. Your build is really inspiring. Great job on the place. Hope to see more of your projects in the future.
JoDalene Logan
JoDalene Logan Yıl önce
I’m a 58 year old mother who built my own cabin with help only standing up the walls and putting up the rafters. I did everything else myself. I’d only built bird houses in my youth and garden boxes later in life prior to building my cabin. It’s a great little get away. Thank you for filming and thank you for encouraging others.
choccyboyau Yıl önce
Well done!
Bushradical Yıl önce
Lynda Astrid
Lynda Astrid 2 aylar önce
Thanks Dave, for sharing all the steps! This gives me hope that I can build a tiny cabin like this one in the future -sooner rather than later, while saving to build a bigger one to live in permanently, later (I'm getting closer to 50). You are a very patient man to take the time to answer some of the less constructive questions/criticisms here. This is the downside of youtube, but I'm sure the majority of Brooke's and your followers get what you are doing. 👍
Clarizel Pilapil
Clarizel Pilapil 8 aylar önce
I am so inspired by this man, I've been doing DIY with my partner for a year and I love this channel. I am really so proud of this humble man and yet has a lot of accomplishments.. Humble and successful, thumbs up to you... And to those who hate his works or judge him, he did well in every project he is doing and I have learned so much from him. Stop the hate, stop being so negative because he did great things and I will keep on learning and I love it :)
CreatingBrain1 7 aylar önce
Thanks so much for the whole speech about going and doing things. Ironically I actually had an experience earlier today where I was having my blood drawn at the Doctors and the phlebotomist drawing me asked if I had any goals for this year. I told her I wanted to get my Etsy shop up and running again (I had just moved so my shop was in vacation mode). She got excited and said she loved Etsy and asked questions about it. I told her that I made homemade jewelry and she told me how she really wanted to make homemade jewelry, but didn't think she could do it. Now I am not an expert by any means. I learned to make jewelry off of TRpost and bought my supplies off of amazon. I told her how she could learn off of youtube and how the biggest hurdle was the cost of all the little things (wires, rhinestones, etc) adding up. I wish I had added tips about making sure to find quality stainless steel chains that won't rust, investing in nothing crazy but still quality pliers and wire cutters from the start, and finding cheap wire for practice. But overall it just makes me a little sad I guess. What he said about people having this sort of modern mental block about only professionals being able to do things is very true.
McplQuebec66 7 aylar önce
Absolutely love this video. I was thinking of building a log cabin on a tiny piece of property that I just bought (a longtime dream) and thinking "oof, this'll be interesting. Never done this before" then I read a few of the comments and remembered the mini pallet play cabin that I built for about $100 for my daughter when she was 4 (I really had no money and much of the cabin was recycled anything or donated articles). It had swing out doors and two garbage find windows... I'm ready!
Angela Roberts
Angela Roberts 5 aylar önce
You & your wife are an inspiration. I appreciate you both so much! Thank you for being so real & amazing. Much respect!
Maddshotzpro 4 aylar önce
im glad you shared this i always thought this was possible seeing you lay out the steps was a blessing . Hope to see more! God Bless You and your family
Overcomer Aylar önce
Love love love this 3-part series for this cabin! Love your can-do outlook, love your teamwork together, love your explanations, builder tips, and run down of the cost, and really love the results.🏚️❤️🏚️ So glad to have stumbled upon this channel. Heading over to her channel now to see the interior get finished.
SonC.A.R.E. Ministries
SonC.A.R.E. Ministries 7 aylar önce
I enjoy watching your cabin building videos. I've watched several of your videos building at least two. You do an exceptionally good job describing each step. I greatly appreciate it. I absolutely love your handling the critics in this video. Keep on building and posting. Great job.
Better Betty
Better Betty Yıl önce
That talk at the beginning was everything. Sometimes you just need a reminder that you’re capable of more than you believe. Thanks for this.
Zeke Yıl önce
We truly are. Gotta keep pushing and believing 💪
Strawman 5 aylar önce
This build has inspired me the most out of all the builds I've looked at for a self build without heavy construction equipment. Thanks for sharing 👍🇬🇧
7WOUNDS 2 aylar önce
This was an amazing and inspiring set of videos. thanks for showing. I especially appreciate the explanation about the land. That was definitely what I thought would be the biggest hurdle, but you made perfect sense of it. Quick question about the concrete pads and this method, what would you say is the largest size build you'd go with tihs method as opposed to a pour or another method?
J Lyston
J Lyston 5 aylar önce
Great series, great outlook and I enjoyed watching. I appreciate your honesty and drive!
Luisa Marrollo
Luisa Marrollo 2 aylar önce
Hey Dave, I found your channel today. I've been feeling burnt out from city life, I was going to spend my day off doing nothing. As you said, sometimes we need to do nothing. But instead, you inspired me to get out of bed and work on my own passion project. I spent my day doing something I've been lacking motivation to do, for a while. So thank you! I love your "can-do" attitude. It was just what I needed.
Arthur Villanueva
Arthur Villanueva Yıl önce
“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will “ inspiring narrative and very encouraging . Thank you sir !
Justin Slone
Justin Slone 7 aylar önce
I would like your comment but its currently at 420 likes... nice :)
Noel Sesperez
Noel Sesperez 7 aylar önce
Very true, awesome video, it is not only about making a cabin, this is a lesson you need to live with.
Scio Community Canners
Scio Community Canners Yıl önce
And to collect fees
Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson Yıl önce
My absolute favorite quote of all time. Well commented
Lawrence Miller
Lawrence Miller Yıl önce
I was inspired
MrNetWanderer 5 aylar önce
Gotta say, while I like the cabin from this series, I really love the look of your first one. You guys are inspirational.
Pat Shipp
Pat Shipp 5 aylar önce
Thank you for this build, you have solved several problems that i needed to overcome with my plans for a removable shed for my back yard. Nothing permanent that the landlord would be taxed on. And I could make it take apart easy. Thank you
Nativtexan2 8 aylar önce
Loved your "But I own land" part. You made your point perfectly about setting your priorities for what you want in life. Sacrifice (live within your means) early and reap the benefits later.
Jason Bradley
Jason Bradley 5 aylar önce
Dave you're a pretty real, down to earth guy. I like that. I often find myself thinking that the things I build aren't good enough or wouldn't be good enough for someone else. You really made me rethink that position in my life. Thank you.
Stephen Higgins
Stephen Higgins Yıl önce
Came here for an update on the cabin, leaving with a nice dose of "can-do" inspiration.
Solar Powered Farm
Solar Powered Farm Yıl önce
He doesn't take any prisoners lol
Angel Edwards
Angel Edwards Yıl önce
Travis Bell
Travis Bell 7 aylar önce
I love this couple, Dave is such a inspirational dude. I discovered them on Alone and have been following them ever since. Fellow Michiganders!
Mtn Flyer
Mtn Flyer 7 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing all that info! I find it very inspirational and am looking forward to building my first cabin. (Looking for the land right now)
Neil Mercier
Neil Mercier 7 aylar önce
I love watching your videos and I'm gonna build this cabin soon.. absolutely love that cabin 😍
A J 6 aylar önce
This is inspiring and I can’t wait to build my first cabin and buy a plot of land.
Gasant Yıl önce
"I've got land", is all about priorities. Excellent story, really inspiring.
Richard Cardwell
Richard Cardwell 2 aylar önce
Inspiring content man, thanks for sharing your building tips and thoughts!
Mhn Mhn
Mhn Mhn 15 gün önce
I love your channel. I wish I could have developed the off-grid living skills early in my life. I totally believe I can do this, I learnt driving at 30 just to start with.
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose 4 aylar önce
Thank you, have really enjoyed watching these videos. You’re both absolutely amazing and brilliant. Well done and thank you, love from England xx
Steve DeViney
Steve DeViney 6 aylar önce
Dave - Continued great work and practical insights. A question on the roof portion of the build with 1x4 runners and applying the metal roof to that. Is it also an option to first use plywood on the rafters rather than using 1x4 runners, then lay down tar paper on the plywood, and over that apply the metal roofing material? I understand this would likely cost more, but are there any other factor that would need to be considered when comparing the two methods - runners vs plywood and tar paper? Perhaps the 1x4 approach is stronger than using plywood on 2 foot centers? Thanks again!
Christopher Fernandez
Christopher Fernandez Yıl önce
“But we have land.” I love it. You guys rock.
Vickie 7 aylar önce
I love your can do attitude. You two are wonderful. I am going to be 70 yrs young in January. I have kept myself very very strong and I would love to build a cabin in the wilderness. You are simply write on about how you look at life. Dave you are meant to be a story teller, with that voice I could listen to you all day. And Brooke you are so natural and comfortable being yourself that you inspire authenticity. I just love you two. I will be watching ❤️💜🧡💙💛🌈⭐️🌼🥂🌞
Todd Acheson
Todd Acheson 5 aylar önce
Great work all around, from the explanations, life philosophy, and addressing the various comments. Some folks watching this might like to know more about all the tools you used and the associated costs. I saw hand tools, power tools, a generator, nail gun, etc. If you take on a project like this you could need a couple hundred bucks worth of tools.
Prone2Thrill 7 aylar önce
First of all thank you for the pep talk! Secondly I'll be enjoying learning what I can here as we are currently seeking land which is an issue of sorts in itself because raw land isn't easy to get financed but we will overcome and start smaller if we have too. Lastly my costs will be substantially higher as I'm in Hawaii and lumber and land have doubled in the last few years. I bought a 13 ft travel trailer as a base camp once we have land to fence.
DeAnna Fassett
DeAnna Fassett 5 aylar önce
I love this cabin! I think it's perfect. Thanks for sharing the entire build 😊
Chris Levari
Chris Levari Yıl önce
I love this! I've been in a wheelchair paralyzed since I was 4 years old (I'm 42 now) I tell people all the time: "Everything has a solution, no one said you had to like the solution or that it would be easy"
Tim Yıl önce
Well said my friend. Best wishes for 2021
MyOCD♡TV Yıl önce
Chris Levari
Chris Levari Yıl önce
@Awakened True. And your solution is within those strengths and weaknesses.
Awakened Yıl önce
Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses...God bless!
Robbie Stanley
Robbie Stanley 27 gün önce
Totally inspiring Dave. I've been watching similar videos as I'm interested in trying out a small build and came across yours. Blessings from the UK
waymoreblues 3 aylar önce
Great channel. I’m looking at converting my 12x10 shed into living space and learned a ton from your videos. Thanks for sharing.
Karel Maněna
Karel Maněna 6 aylar önce
Hi Dave, thanks for all the project videos - I like all of what I saw, and get a lot of inspiration for my old shack, which needs to get fixed really hard. But honestly this last one... Your reaction to "I can't do it" or "I can't afford it" comments are so frank and right, no matter where we're from; I doubt my skills most of the time, but when I try, I'm almost never disappointed - even if I fail. I just need to be reminded, from time to time. Thanks again and good luck!
Nick 7 aylar önce
Watching your builds really motivates me to buy land and build my own place when I finish pt school. I've always wanted to once I finish school. I dont want to be shackled by mortgage and bs, and I want that same pride I got from building other stuff I've built in my life.
A Yıl önce
I didn't know anything about you when I randomly found you on TRpost. I was astonished by your skill building an amazing little home from 0. But then I reached this 3rd episode when I got even more astonished about your philosophy, willpower and the strength of your character and morality. The world needs many more people like you. Congratulations on being as you are. I hope that people can learn as much as possible from you.
Ann Hepworth
Ann Hepworth Yıl önce
Exactly how I felt too!
Kurt W
Kurt W 5 aylar önce
Dave, thanks for the pep talk about just getting it done. I know it's not a cabin, but we've been working on finishing the basement in our 100 year house in Seattle. We've learned to do drywall, with a smooth finish. We already knew how to do flooring, electrical, etc. Mostly because we've renovated several houses and just learned how to do it. But we have these 100-year old windows and I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out if I should restore or replace them. But honestly, I was stuck - analysis paralysis. Your message about just doing it. making mistakes and getting things done was exactly what I needed to hear. I decided to restore the old windows, add better weather stripping, and build my own storm windows for the winter - which is pretty mild here in Seattle. Thank you man! I love the channel!
TechTraction 7 aylar önce
Love the behind the scenes narrative. Very encouraging. Thank you.
SoulSoundMuisc Aylar önce
Firstly, I love your cabin. Secondly, I really appreciated seeing that trick with the hammer to twist that mild steel-- very slick, I learned something. I work with my hands and that was a new one on me. Finally, and this is absolutely the one and only thing I would have done differently with your cabin: I'd have added a bead of caulk or weather stripping around the picture window. I, too, grew up in a house with single pane windows and with that wood stove you're absolutely right that heat is not going to be an issue. The reason for the bead of caulk or weather stripping foam isn't for insulation. It's for noise reduction. Eventually the trim you put in will shrink a bit (as wood does) and when wind hits the window, over time, it will begin to rattle. The weather stripping would muffle it a bit. That's a trick I learned from my Grandfather, and now I passed it on; hopefully you find some value in it. The sound of a window rattling in the wind drives me right up the walls! XD Love your build. Thank you both, you and your wife, for taking the time out of your lives to film it. Thank you for showing it can be done and teaching without really 'instructing'.
Donald Dwyer  - Associate Broker
Donald Dwyer - Associate Broker 21 saatler önce
You aren't just a very talented are an inspiration! Thank you. I will never say "I can't do this..." ever again!
Slim Pickings
Slim Pickings Yıl önce
Old Jeep, used tools, homemade equipment, patched clothing, homemade clothes. Everything I own is paid for in cash. Right there with you, thank you for supporting the can do additude.
Dan Brown
Dan Brown Yıl önce
My guy. Make-do-and-mend over buying new flashy shit any day.
Overland To Shore
Overland To Shore Yıl önce
@Slim Pickings ive got a 95 yj i restored with my dad. Best little vehicle around.
07Negative Yıl önce
I’ve got a 99’ XJ 4.0 AW4 trans. I built the swapped Dana 44’s. Rebuilt a horribly abused atlas 4 speed t-case. All paid in cash. 379,xxx miles. Starts every frickin day without fail. 4.0’s run forever.
Slim Pickings
Slim Pickings Yıl önce
@Overland To Shore 1997 wrangler 4.0
Shane Beaudrot
Shane Beaudrot 3 aylar önce
You two are awesome. A great team that gets things done the right way. Great example. Thank you for sharing.
johnnyevelyn1 6 aylar önce
i love what y'all are doing, great way of life! a fine example of a good life, a well lived life. thank you.
Happy Haunting
Happy Haunting 7 aylar önce
I came across you and your wife’s videos. Thank You! Your appreciation of what God has given us … nature. Your fantastic attitude and positivity.Is incredible! Watching you build your cabins relaxes me. I’m a huge nature lover and these videos are a must. Thank You. God bless.🙏🏼❤️
Paul What
Paul What 5 aylar önce
One of the most inspiring things i ever saw and heard. Congratulations and thank you! Good to know decent people still exist
Thomas Gibson
Thomas Gibson 2 aylar önce
You have super mad professional building skills!! Thanks man, it is people like you that make life easier for those less skilled.
Orweyz Tungchiu
Orweyz Tungchiu 3 aylar önce
Love your commonsense, practical, get it done mentality. Frugal living and strategic trade offs has its rewards down the track. Many thanks for the awesome videos
Teets' Treats
Teets' Treats 6 aylar önce
Awesome series of videos. As a General Contractor I love this! Great job thanks for the entertainment 🙏🏽
Bushradical 6 aylar önce
Travel Camp 365
Travel Camp 365 2 aylar önce
I love your attitude!! I don’t know how to do a lot of wood stuff, but I also can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me. Just in the last year I built my first 10x12 shed but looks like a tiny house. We bought two lots one lot we had our home built and I fenced in both lots myself it was ridiculous what they wanted to change me to put the fence up. I built the fence and the shed when lumber was right at its peak during the Covid. So I’m telling your viewers, if I could build a shed I would live in, and fence in to big lots by myself I truly believe any able-bodied like you said can do it. Like I said before on your other video’s, my next adventure will be to buy some unrestricted property and build a off grid small home/Cabin myself. Thank You so much for all your videos. My wife and I love watching both of your channel’s.
Turnings by Turner
Turnings by Turner Yıl önce
I’m not currently looking to build a cabin, I just enjoy the escape your videos provides in a VERY watchable format. Great job Dave! 👍
Juan Zuani
Juan Zuani 6 aylar önce
Great videos and tips of how to build an affordable cabin, thank you so much, and great job!
UnknownPlant449 7 aylar önce
Respect for you. I really want to build something like this in my hometown where there’s 10 or so people living there. Thanks for the ideas and all your tips
Bear Butt Adventures
Bear Butt Adventures Aylar önce
This was an awesome series! I will definitely watch again when I start to make one. I missed if you said the total in materials just an all in estimate so I can start to budget/save.
Super Signs Australia Pty Ltd
Super Signs Australia Pty Ltd 5 aylar önce
Mate I was impressed with the build, your approach, teamwork, down to earth style, and the true & tried construction methods, then I watched part 3. I was thinking when I subscribed after part 1 to your channel, this guy & his wife are good, but you are both much much better that. I thoroughly enjoyed your response to the negative comments of the ‘it’s ok for you, you got land’ and the ‘I cant do that’ crowd who lack the will to try, put in the effort and don’t know what sacrifice is all about. I hope your honest words can motivate some of them to break out of the bubble and as we say in Australia “have a go”. Your production, camera angles and calm voice over techniques are fantastic, very easy to follow and understand. I am a drill & screw guy buy I’m thinking it’s time to change, your comment ‘I just love swinging a hammer’ resonated with me, more satisfying, structurally sound, I don’t know how to explain it, more old school, you just made it look and feel to be right.. thanks again for sharing, if you are ever down under in oz drop me an email, would love to buy your wife and you a beer, no need for the stove on in December here mate just the BBQ and beer fridge. Cheers.
Old Man Homestead
Old Man Homestead Yıl önce
I'm 66 years old. Some people told me I was crazy but I'm going to build a cabin and live off grid. We bought 3.4 acres and I hope to encourage other retired people to pursue something that is a challenge . Thanks Dave. Great video!
LuckyB Yıl önce
Im. 65. I was looking. At.the same. But. I had a stroke. In. April
Falstaff Yıl önce
Why not a trailer or an RV?
Mike Mecklenborg
Mike Mecklenborg Yıl önce
Outstanding you go for it!!!
memer boyzz
memer boyzz Yıl önce
good luck
Psycho Yıl önce
good luck! you got it!
Jerry Hawthorne
Jerry Hawthorne 5 aylar önce
I've been enjoying your videos on cabin making but, Sir after watching this video you've helped me with my final hurdle. It was the biggest hurdle of all, a mental hurdle, as I'm full of self doubt. I'm a single father of two small children and I'm on a very fixed income. I have an opportunity to move to Upper Michigan soon and I won't forget you and the lesson you've taught me today. I too have a youtube channel it's called Muddy Soul Outdoors perhaps I will incorporate our journey into my channel. Thank you very much!
BKneroEntertainment 4 aylar önce
Thank you brother for your wise words. I am currently going through a lot BS! in my life. However, this video is exactly what I needed to hear and I thank you. I'm no builder, but I am willing to try anything outside of my comfort. God bless.
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